Everything you need to know about diamond painting

First of all, let’s discuss what is diamond painting? Diamond painting is a craft hobby that is a mix of cross stitch and painting by numbers. The diamond painting was created in 2015, it was designed for an easier, faster and therapeutic way for cross-stitching. With diamond painting, you apply small resins “diamonds” to an adhesive canvas to create vibrant mosaic paintings.

Diamond painting is super fun and anyone can learn this painting no matter how old are they?

How to do diamond painting

  1. Unpack and Flatten your canvas 

Unroll your canvas, tape each corner of your canvas to a flat surface, if the canvas cant be straighten this way try going over it with a rolling pin. If there are creases don’t worry they will go away when you start your diamond painting.

  1. Prepare your tools and diamonds

Open your bag of diamonds and pour them into the grooved tray. Shake lightly so the flat side of the diamond is on the bottom. Peel back the film on the red wax pad. Take your diamond pen and stab the wax pad to get a tiny bit of wax on it.

  1. Place your diamonds

Peel back the film on your canvas. We recommend starting with the lower end to avoid getting adhesive on your hands. Check the legend on the side of the canvas to see which color corresponds to each symbol. Place the correct color on its corresponding symbol.

Frame your canvas and share it. After you are done place some weight on the canvas and allow it to settle. Find a frame for your canvas. Take a picture and share it on your social media and see likes come in.


In diamond painting, you will come across two terms round drill and square drill. In Diamond’s painting, a drill is another word for diamond.

When we mention round and square drill we are talking about the shape of diamonds. When choosing between and round and square drills it is important to know that there is no right answer for that. You should choose whichever shape is beautiful to you.

What does each diamond painting kit include?

  • Diamond painting comes with the following things that are essential for doing diamond painting

  • Preprinted canvas with design chart

  • Color diamonds in separate bags

  • Diamond pen tool

  • Pair of extra sharp tweezers

  • Wax Pad

When ordering kits you should be aware of these things where the kit is coming from? And how its packaged. If you are receiving your kit from overseas, you should make sure that it’s packages are securely transit. At paint with diamonds, manufacturers avoid those common shipping problems by wrapping our canvases with foam noodles to avoid creases and plastic wrapping to avoid water damage.

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