Electric Bikes- Choosing the Right Kit

You already have a bike. Do you think of making some customization to convert your bike into an electric ride? The biggest challenge people face is when it comes to deciding on the most suitable kit that matches your lifestyle.  There are many options in the market, but you shouldn’t just go for any without serious consideration. If choosing the right kit has been your worry, then read on, and we guide you on what to consider as you transform your bike into that dream ebike. Consider the following,

Travel distance

How many hours do you plan to use your bike in a day? What distance do you cover in a day or in a given period? These simple questions that you should be asking yourself will further assist you in the electronic bike kit to purchase. The most important consideration when you think of time and distance should be the battery.

The higher the amps/hour rating of the battery, the longer the distance and time you will cover. The weight and initial price of the battery are essential too. The bikes motor and controller must be compliant with the battery before making a purchase. Some more experienced rider carry an extra battery to be on the safe side during long trips.

Type of terrain

The question of why you want to upgrade your bike comes again. Do you use the bike to cover steep hills and rough terrains, or is it just a means of travel to work? Well, after considering your answer to this question, remember that the right battery size merged with the amp/voltage combination will give you the best results for the terrain you want to cover.

Go for a higher voltage battery for tough terrains and steep, rough slopes and a normal battery for normal terrain, you can find this feature on a Wisper ebike range. There are special kits tailored for both speed and torque in the market. The internal gear system of the bike is suitable for use as a standard bike and as an e-bike just in case you are wondering if you can still pedal the bike normally after installing the kit.

Your speed will always be a variant of the kit combination you choose. The higher the amps the battery has, the higher the speeds. Remember that excess voltage damages the motor.

Optimum efficiency on pedal power

Consider a good battery that can operate at 25-40 amp peak power. A bit battery that comes with a lower amperage draw will not be reliable. Remember that the more amp hours you get, the higher the amperage will be. However, this will add to the cost as well as the weight of the battery. For optimum efficiency, more people are going for two or more lithium batteries. Install a battery on every protrusion at the rear of the bike. Using two quality lithium batteries and a stable motor (well maintained) can cover a distance of between 60-70 miles of flat ground without difficulty.

A standard lithium battery of 36V can take you at 18 mph on the level ground running on its own power. A 52V system stands 25-28 mph. This, combined with a standard controller, is capable of going for 24+ miles and a maximum of 40 miles after charge.

Product warranty

If you are buying Electric Bikes under 1000, go for a kit with well laid down terms of the warranty. Most dealers will state how good their products are but are not willing to extend it to the warranty contract. This shows that the dealer is not as confident with their product. Consider getting the longest warrant guaranteed product.

Before you settle down on any ebike kit or accessory, we would advise that you do thorough research on the manufacturer and compare it to the various offers on the market. It’s also good to read reviews from people who have used the product and have prior experience on the same. A reliable electronic bike kit with a good battery combination should give you a lifelong service with little or no maintenance costs.

We hope you are better informed when it comes to choosing an electronic bikes kit. Make wise decisions and enjoy your ride on all terrains. Remember, it’s not just a kit; if it doesn’t match your requirements, leave it. There’s always the best that will not match your needs.

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