What Movie Will Rule “Dumpuary” In 2020?

Are you familiar with the concept of “Dumpuary?” If you are a movie fan, at least of a certain kind, I am sure you are. This is the colloquial term given to January, and to an extent February, by film aficionados. Basically, movie studios have a tendency to dump the films they think are going to flop early in the new year. The Christmas rush has come and gone, but big movies from that time frame are still in the theaters and grabbing viewers. Soon enough the Oscar nominations come out, and then those movies get more love in theaters. You can play a game with movies being released in January where you guess how long they have been held back from their initial expected release date. A lot of times they’ve been held onto for a couple of months as the studio waits to throw it into the theater and was its hands of it.

Out of curiosity, and for your edification, I have taken a look at the movies scheduled for a January or February release to try and figure out which one screams “Dumpuary” the most. Well, I’m going to tease it out a bit, because the answer is so thunderingly obvious. So let me be a bit disingenuous and mention a couple other movies first.

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First, I just want to say that “Sonic the Hedgehog” is coming out on Valentine’s Day, which is hilarious. That’s a real Dumpuary vibe. Remember all that hate the movie got after its first trailer? They had to postpone the movie to digitally alter Sonic’s teeth. There’s an awful-looking comedy starring Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne called “Like a Boss” that’s probably going to be a flop and a failure. Lousy, forgettable horror films are also quite popular for Dumpuary, and one of the first movies coming out in 2020 is “Underwater” a horror movie starring Kristen Stewart.

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All that being said, the answer is so clearly Dolittle. This Robert Downey Jr. starring adaption of the story of Doctor Dolittle has been through the wringer. It was originally called The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle. It was going to come out in May of 2019. Then it was moved to April. Then it was moved to January of 2020, which is basically the siren song for Dumpuary enthusiasts. Oh, and at some point they changed the title to simply Dolittle. All the talk I’ve heard is that this movie is going to be awful. The studio wants it to disappear so bad. This is the start of Downey’s post-Marvel run. Poor guy.

So if you are a Downey fan and are interested in this movie, you may want to think twice. Dolittle is the king of Dumpuary to start the new decade.

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