Three Water Drones that will Revolutionize the World of Fishing

The new technologies surprise us again. In this case we present best drone for fishing that can help you in your fishing sessions, either at sea or in fresh water. With them you can locate fish or take pictures underwater!


It is an underwater robot designed and built by PowerVision for fishermen. This is the best drone for fishing and this type of drone can be submerged up to 30 meters and incorporates a sonar that can detect fish up to 40. And best of all, you can control it from your Smartphone through an app.

In this way, you can see what is in front of the device from your mobile or Tablet, being able to change the video mode to the drone control console at any time. In addition, its weight including accessories is less than 7 kilos.

Another of the great qualities of PowerRay is that they offer next to the initial pack a virtual reality system with which you can enjoy in the first person what surrounds the drone.

It has not yet transcended the launch date or its price, but there are already those who are looking forward to go on sale to try it.

Fathom One

It is one of the best underwater drones. Its camera will allow you to record up to 45 meters deep, whether you are present or not, since like the PowerRay it can be operated from a mobile application. This app allows you to upload videos and photos to social networks and control the depth of the device.

The Fathom allows you to make videos with great quality, thanks to its camera that allows you to record in Full HD. You can also use it in low visibility conditions as it incorporates 3W LED lights. On the other hand, you will not have to worry about the battery running out, it has up to one hour of autonomy.Its developers highlight the price, 560 euros of the Fathom One.


It is an amphibious drone; you can use it both to record from the air and to do it from the surface of the water.

This drone includes two batteries and has a camera that records in HD and takes photos in high resolution. The Aquadrone is ideal to get you started using this type of device, since it is also the cheapest of the three. It is in the market for approximately 60 euros.

Step-by-step guide for fishing with RC drones

We can see everything below there, to later solar the lure in the area where it is Find our possible catch.

Step 1

It is necessary to have a point of union between the drone and the fisherman; we will look for a place right in the center of the aircraft to have greater stability and avoid rocking and imbalances when we catch some fish. We will avoid the gimbal as a junction point since we could break the chamber that has the drone incorporated by the pressure exerted during the typical fishing pulls. A very good trick is to join two pieces of thread interwoven together to the landing gear to give greater strength and stability to our anchor.

Step 2

Surely you will be wondering what happens when you have managed to catch something? How do I release the drone? There are automatic clip-shaped releasers called downrigger release clip on the market, they are really useful since their function is to hold the fishing line while the drone transports it and release it whenever we want, usually when we are certain that the Fish has stung, so we will make the drone not fall into the water due to the strength of the fish. This type of clamps has the possibility of adjusting its grip strength.

Step 3

Step 3 is simple but requires a bit of practice to be able to do it easily, just attach the fishing line to our caliper or release clip. To do this we must unlock our reel so that the line runs freely without any resistance, then we make the drone fly a few meters and then block the reel brake and fly our drone upwards until the line is tight enough to thus, to be able to drop our decoy by releasing the release clip line. As you can see the possibilities are endless, since we can fish at distances that we could never have achieved with our rod by throwing it by hand.

Step 4

No doubt this is the simplest step in the guide of how to fish with drones, we will return our aircraft to the fishing post and wait as usual until we have a dive, just then you know how to act Como.

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