The Most-Exciting New Show Of 2020 Doesn’t Have a Name Yet

As we trash one calendar and bust out another, maybe featuring a “Far Side” cartoon or that old lady character that seems to only exist on merchandise but doesn’t seem to actually be from a comic strip or anything, we often start to talk about films the upcoming year. That’s because the film schedule is set far in advance, with certain tent poles all set up and such. However, there are also a bunch of TV shows scheduled. Those don’t get as much attention for whatever reason. Maybe it’s the nature of TV. We tend to wait until a new show is closer to being upon us to start paying attention. I looked ahead at the 2020 TV schedule, though. Did you know they are bringing back Celebrity Deathmatch? That’s not what I’m here to tell you about, though. I want to tell you about the most-promising show of 2020. What I can’t tell you, though, is its name.

Resultado de imagen para Tina Fey/Robert Carlock project"

That’s not because I forgot it or because it doubles as some sort of curse that must not be spoken. The show doesn’t have a name yet. Again, TV and film work differently. Right now, it’s called “Untitled Tina Fey/Robert Carlock project.” That should be enough to get your excited, though. We’re talking about the genius duo that brought us 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Now they are returning to NBC with a show that was given a 13-episode order right off the bat.

If the duo behind two great sitcoms having a new show isn’t enough, here’s something else to entice you. The show stars Ted Danson. Yes, the Ted Danson. Sam Malone, Michael from The Good Place, the TV legend. Danson plays a rich businessman who runs for Mayor of Los Angeles for selfish reasons and then wins and has to deal with that. I am so excited just based on this. Bobby Moynihan and Holly Hunter are also in the cast. Now I’m even more excited. Danson’s character apparently has a teenage daughter too, but that should be fine. I trust Fey and Carlock implicitly.

Obviously, we have to wait a bit for the show debuts. It will probably be on the fall TV schedule. By then, it will have a title. Maybe it will be named after Ted Danson’s character, which is purportedly Mayor Bremer. Or maybe they will just call it, “It’s Tina Fey and Ted Danson, What Are You Waiting For!?” Either way, if it isn’t the best new show of 2020 I’ll be surprised.

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