New Year’s Eve TV Episodes Are Sadly Lacking

Around Thanksgiving, I wrote about how there should be more Thanksgiving episodes of TV shows. It’s a big holiday, but since it’s between Halloween and Christmas it gets short shrift by a lot of shows. Well if Thanksgiving is overlooked, New Year’s Eve is basically a ghost. There are very few New Year’s Eve episodes of shows, which is also unfortunate in its own way.

This makes total sense, of course. New Year’s Eve is one week after Christmas. There are really no shows doing new episodes around that time. It’s the holidays. Can you really justify doing Christmas and New Year’s Eve for the same show?

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I looked up a list of New Year’s episodes of TV shows, and it was paltry. Plus, some of them aren’t really “New Year’s Eve” episodes. Take, for example, the pilot of Futurama. I love that pilot. It takes place on New Year’s Eve. However, the fact it takes place on New Year’s Eve is largely irrelevant. The pilot is about Fry getting frozen on New Year’s Eve 1999 and waking up on New Year’s Eve 2999. What the show is about, though, is Fry getting used to being in the future. That could happen any day of the week.

There is that Friends episode where Monica and Ross do their dance routine. The Simpsons had a “Treehouse of Horror” segment about Y2K, which was weird for an episode that came out around Halloween. Ah well. Those episodes have gotten less and less about Halloween and horror as the years have gone on. I also know there is a Seinfeld episode where the main storyline is about Kramer and Newman planning dueling New Year’s Eve parties for 1999. It’s also the one where Jerry dates Lauren Graham and she and her mom both put Jerry on their speed dial in some weird power battle between them. That’s a really good late-period Seinfeld episode.

The lists also included stuff like The O.C. and My So-Called Life, shows I didn’t really watch. However, in the end, the choices are scarce. New Year’s Eve is a big party day that would be perfect for a TV episode. Alas, the time of the year it happens means we will always be a little lacking on the New Year’s Eve episode front.

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