How Do I Report My Ex for Stalking Me?

As if breaking up isn’t bad enough, some of us have to suffer through stalking exes who might go as far as to commit crimes. If stalking has gone too far, you might wonder “how do I report my ex for stalking?”.

Know that you’re not alone and that the law will protect you. Read on to find out how to tell if it’s stalking and what you can do about it.

Criminal Stalking Explained

When taken too far, stalking can have serious consequences. While the definition of criminal stalking varies from state to state, it is generally understood to mean repeated, unwanted contact that threatens or frightens you.

Stalking is a type of harassment crime that may often seem innocent at first. Stalkers often try to hide their actions behind a veil of legality.

For example, nothing prevents anyone from going in any public place under normal circumstances. But if this means your ex following you wherever you go, then it’s stalking. The same is true for actions such as phone calls, emails, sending gifts, and attending the same events such as you.

Is My Ex Stalking Me?

Any act that makes you feel uneasy may be a telltale sign of stalking. Here are the most common signs of criminal stalking:

  • Calling, texting, or emailing you when you ask them not to

  • Sending you unwanted gifts or other items by mail

  • Following you in public places, such as churches, cinemas, and restaurants

  • Gathering information about you without your knowledge

  • Divulging personal information about you to other people

  • Insisting on following you even after you ask them not to

If you suspect your ex might be stalking you, it’s a good idea to tell other people and then start gathering evidence. You might be able to use that evidence down the road to protect yourself legally against them.

If you feel threatened but don’t have enough evidence yet, consider hiring a Private investigator to help you. A PI will find any evidence of criminal stalking and also keep an eye on you in case your ex becomes unpredictable or even violent.

How Do I Report My Ex?

If you feel you’re in danger, call 911 straight away. When you call for help, remain calm and describe your situation to the dispatcher. If help arrives and they arrest your ex, you may be able to press criminal stalking charges.

You may also want to get a restraining order. This is a court order that legally prevents your ex from coming close to you. Filling a petition for a restraining order is straightforward. You can do so easily at your local courthouse.

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