Chetic is the best socks manufacture company in the World

What They Offer You:

Chetic is one of the best and most famous companies that focuses on the manufacture of high-quality socks and exporting them world-wide. The company website address is .

Situated in Turkey, Chetic offers its customers a wide variety of socks. Chetic socks are available in a wide range of colours, and the style and colour of each sock is at the discretion of its designers upon creation.

Creative motifs are sometimes added onto socks to improve their appearance. Coloured socks can be a key part of the uniforms for sports, enabling groups of players to stand out just by the colours of the socks on their legs.

A Variety of Socks:

Chetic socks are manufactured in various lengths.

  • Bare or ankle socks reach up to the ankle or below, and are regularly worn for casual or athletic use. Bare socks are designed to create the look of “bare toes” whilst worn with shoes.

  • Knee-high socks are now and again related to formal dress or as part of a uniform, inclusive of sports (like football and baseball) or as part of a school’s dress code or children group uniforms.

  • Over-the-knee socks or socks that reach higher (thigh-excessive socks), are considered lady garments today. They were widely worn by children, boys and girls, during the 19th and early 20th centuries; although, their recognition varied widely.

  • When worn by adult females, thigh-high çorap can become an item of sexual appeal and fetishism by a few men.

Length and Sizes for Men and Women:

Physically, there is more than one difference between men and women’s socks, the primary being the elastic band or welt of the socks. The welt for men’s socks is about 2-3 inches thick to accommodate the larger calf of the man, compared to women’s socks which usually has a welt 1-2 inches thick. This effective and slight cosmetic distinction, is hardly seen or noticed most of the time.

Another distinction is the length from the heel to the top.  Guys with shorter legs would usually require socks with 9, 9-11 length that wouldn’t reach too far up the calf.

Women’s socks tend to be richer in colour and variety. Due to this, the cotton aggregate is usually less, so as to avoid discolouration.

  • Men as a general rule, wear socks on a daily basis and therefore, require higher quality socks to resist repeated washes and steady wear and tear.

  • Personally, I have been in the socks business for nearly 10 years and my rule is “if it looks good and goes with the outfit, who cares what length it is? Wear it and revel in it. 13-15 length socks are for shoe length 13, 14 & 15.

  • 13-17 socks are for shoe size 12 to 16. The length of the socks also depend on the width of your feet, because it takes away from the length when socks are stretched sideways.

  • If you are a length 13 or 14, it does not count. However, if you are size 15 double extensive, I would maintain 13 – 17 or 13 – 18 socks.

Socks Made from Wool:

Wool, and in particular, Merino wool, is certainly one of the best fabrics for keeping your toes warm and dry, and the percentage of wool contained in the sock determines the degree of thermal protection. But, because wool fibre is not strong enough to withstand the steady abrasion on the inside of your shoes or boots, the manufacturer combines the wool with nylon or another synthetic fabric.

Merino wool is known for its superior breathability and moisture-wicking overall performance as it is both hydrophobic and hygroscopic. This means that that the wool repels and absorbs water at the same time, with up to 30% of its weight in water.

  • Wool fibre is also thermostatic, meaning that it may alter its own temperature, so your foot will stay warm in the cold and comfy in the summer.

  • Another advantage of Merino wool, is that it does not itch like Ragg wool. Ragg wool now and then utilized in inferior and affordably made woollen socks.

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