Is Instagram Really Having an Influence on the User Purchase Decision?

Instagram plays a significant role nowadays in influencing people. Nowadays, several people, and most of the younger generation in getting access and sharing their everyday life use Instagram. Also, with Instagram businesses and other commercial ventures are exploring ways by which they would be able to save money and also publicise and market their product effectively.

Instagram is a platform that lets you buy Instagram likes, and you would be able to publicise and promote your product globally from any part of the world. Often studies have elaborated on how Instagram is playing a significant role in making sure that people are buying things and influencing it as well. There are studies that Instagram determines 75 % of the user purchase decisions.

  • People Follow Accounts to Modify Lifestyle: There have been studying insights that have proved that people on Instagram follow mostly lifestyle, food, and style-related accounts. Social media is having a significant impact on how people are approaching shopping and their behaviour pattern is changing as well. While 85% do follow the various accounts, the others consider themselves as fashion-forward person.

Consumers with time are becoming extremely digital savvy and are social media-driven as well. Companies are using it to their advantage. And therefore, companies are making sure that they can put less and gain more in regards to marketing and this is one of the ways by which they can ensure that they can reach towards higher user traffic. Thus also helps them to reach the younger generation.

  • Social Media Influences the Retail Market: The report which was exclusively given also shows how they are affecting people, and it is affecting their purchase decisions. 72% of the surveyed population have said that they have decided to buy something after seeing the advertisement.

And the things that have been mostly bought would be fashion, clothing, makeup, and shoes and jewellery as well. Mainly the ideas and the products that were shown on Instagram influenced their fashion lifestyle. The various social media sites which have changed would be Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter and Instagram the most.

Thus several people or companies and corporate commercial business empires are now focusing on exploring the various social media platforms and use them to their advantage.

  • Mobile Retail Business would be the Future: The population among the survey, 89% millennials, 82% of Gen Xers and others. Even though the new option on Instagram stating the Buy Now is now really used by a lot. Many people are using it also though the percentage is less.

Many people believe and are waiting for it to become a part of the mainstream before using it. But until then, Instagram is used by the generation to influence their lifestyle and fashion sense. Many companies to increase their popularity and increase the likes as well as are going to buy Instagram followers.

Instagram is not only a tool used by an individual but is something open for all. When you are trying to increase the productivity of your company using some of the strategies becomes important. And this you would be able to do when you go for the various other features that you would find on Instagram.

Whether it is a tool used by retailers to attract more customers via mobile or making sure that the mobile strategy works with the younger generation, it has been observed that people see more on their mobile phones. Thus mobile retail would be another massive sector in the future.

Instagram, therefore, plays a significant role in helping the various commercial sectors in marketing and promoting their products globally.

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