How To Get Back Into a Workout Program After An Injury

Did you know that more than 1,500 people were treated in emergency rooms in 2009 after getting injured in a gym? Doing exercises without proper form or working out when you’re exhausted are surefire ways to get hurt.

You probably have been injured while working out too, but how do you get back on track afterwards? Working out after injury is not difficult, but you need to pay attention to a few aspects. Keep reading to find out a few healthy habits that will help you get back to the gym safely.

  1. Make Sure That Your Doctor Gives You the Green Light

You’re probably more anxious than ever to hit the gym again, but have you obtain your doctor’s ok? There is a big difference between how you feel and what’s happening in your body. If the doctor says that you’re cleared to work out again, you should do it. If your doctor didn’t give you the green light yet then please have patience.

Especially if you’re recovering from a serious injury such as a torn ligament or knee problem, obtaining your doctor’s approval is crucial. If you get back in the gym too early, you risk aggravating the injury and even compromise your entire career as an athlete.

  1. Start Slowly and Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

Injuries usually happen when athletes are in top condition. You work out hard, you give it all, and suddenly you’re sidelined for a few days or weeks, wondering how this happened and when you’ll be able to train again. Well, when you do get back in the gym, you won’t be in top condition anymore. You have to start building your strength back up again, so make sure you’re not too harsh on yourself.

While in the gym, gradually increase weights and make sure you’re very comfortable with them. If you’re working the injured muscles, make sure that you pick smaller weights until you get used to the exercise again. Going too hard after an injury will only make things worse and even prevent your full recovery.

  1. Stretch More Often to Prevent Other Injuries

Stretching and doing yoga is essential for most athletes. These low impact workouts allow the muscle to stretch and get stronger. Yoga, in particular, also improves blood circulation throughout your entire body, so more oxygen and nutrients arrive to the injured muscles and ligaments. Make a habit to stretch or do yoga several times a week to prevent other injuries and get your body in top condition. Getting an Ayurvedic Massage is also great to reduce pain and discomfort in the injured areas of your body.

  1. Pay Attention to Pain Signals

You’ll definitely experience some pain while working out in the gym, but how does your pain feel? And what do you do when you feel it? Mild pains such as the one you feel in your abs while doing crunches are ok, but if you feel sharp, sudden pains throughout your back or legs then you need to stop right away. You’re probably doing something wrong and your body tells you that it’s time to adjust your form. Don’t ignore pains because you might get seriously injured again!

Now You Know How To Start Working Out After Injury

As you can see, working out after injury is possible as long as you keep these tips in mind and put them in practice. Feel free to also check out our other blog articles to learn how to deal with an injury, how to work out safe, and get in better shape!

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