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A testing machine is such a piece of equipment that is used in materials science to analyze and examine the properties and characteristics of a material. Devices and mechanisms have been devised to measure and estimate the strength in compression, tensile strength, bending, and sheer. These special devices also help in calculating the strength of materials, hardness, ductility, impact strength. We can even analyze the fracture toughness, fatigue, and creep. Standardization and uniformity of tests and machines is the dependency of the American National Standards Institute, International Organization for Standardization, other governmental bodies, and British Standards Institution. Many industries and manufacturers have testing machines that are specified for special operations like; testing the strengths of the materials they use.

For seasoned footwear testing, we propose our high accuracy force materials and testers testing machines from The tools are invented to do all tests related to footwear development and design. These robust machines are ideal for testing stitch tear, sole adhesion, flexural properties, breaking tenacity of cotton fibers along with peel strength, tear strength and tensile toughness of the shoe.

To satisfy your specific demands, our assortment of footwear test gear comes in various price ranges and force ranges. We offer motorized, manual, and digital test machines that all give you easy-to-read, reliable, and understandable test results that adhere to applicable measures within footwear experimentation and testing.

Our high-end digital test machines are provided with a devoted library of already programmed test settings, fixings, and advanced analysis and interpretation software, illustrating test results as graphs and charts. All of the test machines which we offer are modular. This means that with our testing solution provider, you are able to make various types of tests on varying materials inconsiderate of size and shape using the corresponding machine.

What is a Compressive strength test?

 It is a mechanical test estimating the highest amount of compressive load a substance can carry before tearing apart. The test piece is usually in the form of a cube, cylinder, or a prism is pressed among the platens of a compression-testing machine by a constantly exerted load and pressure.

Fragile materials such as brick, rock, concrete, and cast iron may exhibit high compressive toughness and strengths, but eventually, they fracture and break. The crushing force of concrete, defined by cutting a cube, and often named as the cube power, strikes amounts of approx three tons per square inch, that of cast iron from 25 to 60 tons per square inch, and that of granite ten tons per square inch.

Some malleable and flexible metals, such as soft steel, have very great compressive powers; but the real values are hard and challenging to scale. When pressure is applied to a tensile metal, it distorts elastically up to a specific point, and then plastic starts deforming its shape. Progressing pressures may even effectively straighten a test piece externally and without any definite breach happening so that no charge can be obtained for the compressive force.

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