Wake the Bear Up: 7 Survival Hacks to Beat the Cold!

Let’s face it: Winter ain’t always easy in Canada. Snow, wind, and ice grip the nation.

Indeed, the coldest recorded temperature was way back in 1947, when it dropped to an insane -81.4°F. Just the thought of that kind of cold will have your teeth chattering in no time!

Even if temperatures don’t reach such extremes every year, the case remains that Canadian winters are a force to be reckoned with!

Anybody fond of the great outdoors could benefit from some winter survival hacks to get them through it. Enjoying the Canadian outback in the winter months is more than possible. You just have to know how to do it.

And we want to help! Looking for some novel ideas to get you through your winter expedition?

Keep reading for seven top hacks that are sure to come in handy

  1. Screw Your Shoes

You’re walking down the road and happen upon an icy patch without realizing it. Before you know what’s happened you’re on your back and nursing a bruised behind!

That’s the last thing you need when you’re about to head into the wilderness.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to stop it happening. Pop some small screws into the outer edges of the underside of your shoe soles. You’ll enjoy newfound traction in an instant.

The outer edge bit is important. Put them in the middle and any miscalculations in screw size can spell trouble for your feet!

  1. Remember the Hot Water Bottle

You can’t go wrong with a hot water bottle in your pack.

Assuming you’ve got a decent water bottle with you, then this will do the trick just fine. FYI, Nalgene bottles work great in this regard.

Fill the bottle with hot water, seal the lid firmly, and voila- hot water bottle. Pop it in your sleeping bag or under your blankets and you’ll be warming up in no time.

In extreme situations, your comfort, and even survival, is on the line. This extra bit of warmth can make a significant difference.

  1. Keep Your Feet Dry with Plastic Bags

Nobody in their right mind enjoys having wet feet.

Few things are less agreeable than walking around all day with soggy socks. The only thing worse than that is putting your feet back into them in the morning.

Unfortunately, in severe winter weather, you can almost guarantee your boots will let some water in. it doesn’t matter how good they are! Trudging through the snow, crossing rivers, and spending time in the rain take their toll.

The water gets in and your feet get wet.

Unless that is, you’ve wrapped your feet (with socks on) in plastic bags first. It might get a bit sweaty inside, but you’ll be protected from any moisture that seeps in from the outside!

  1. Use Layers to Stay Warm

Dressing in layers is vital in any situation of severe cold.

Essentially, having a t-shirt underneath a thick winter coat won’t cut it (no matter how good the coat is!). The better solution is wearing layers of clothes to keep the cold at bay.

You might have everything from a sweat-wicking under layer, mid-layer, the upper layer, and a waterproof over the top. This ensures you’re able to stay warm and regulate your temperature more effectively.

Imagine getting too hot in the first scenario. You’d be forced to take the thick overcoat off, which would ensure you get cold soon after! By comparison, the set of layers means you can add and remove layers in accordance with need.

  1. Take Some Vaseline

Let’s say you’re out in the middle of nowhere. A storm comes in and you’re hit with the worst winter conditions imaginable. You’ve got all your layers on, you’ve made your water bottle, and you’re sitting out the storm in your shelter.

Chances are high that you’re covered from head to toe in clothing!

Covered, that is, apart from gaps on your face, such as around your mouth, cheeks, and eyes. Frostbite to these exposed extremities becomes a possible issue. However, having Vaseline solves the problem!

Applying a healthy layer of Vaseline to the exposed skin can help protect it from the cold.

  1. Take Your Dog

Everything’s better with a dog for company.

That’s never truer than when you’re confronted with extreme Canadian winters. Think about taking your hound with you while you’re out and about.

If you get stuck in a spot of frosty bother, then you can cuddle the dog for warmth. Not only that, but you’ll have some extra protection against possible dangers in the environment.

You could be out hunting with binoculars, knowing that your hound has your back in case of trouble.

More than anything though, you’ll have a lovable, cuddly companion with whom to share the experience!

  1. Cooking Spray Your Shovel

The snows have come and your driveway’s covered in a foot of the stuff.

There’s no outdoor expedition until you’ve managed to clear it.

Well, we’ve got a tip that’s going to help! Before you get cracking with your snow shovel, give the end it a healthy spray of cooking oil.

This will prevent it from clogging up with snow, which usually slows down the process. With the oil on the shovel, you’ll enjoy a lack of stickiness that means you finish the job far quicker.

With no banging and cursing to get the snow off, you can get out into the wilderness with less trouble.

Try These Winter Survival Hacks!

Winter in Canada is renowned around the world for its extreme nature.

Conditions can quickly become dangerous for anyone who’s braved the cold to enjoy an outdoor expedition. If you’re thinking of venturing into the wild this winter, then you’ll want some winter survival hacks to take with you.

Hopefully, this post has revealed a selection of tips and tricks to help you walk away unscathed.

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