7 tips to write an outstanding scenario for school theater

To keep the audience glued to the stage is a real big thing. The theatre can keep people interested until the end or just let off their interests in a few moments. The burden of keeping the audience’s interest up to date is on the writer and then on the performers. To write a perfect script for theatre, you just have to do your homework correctly, and if you are wondering on finding an answer on ‘how do my homework’? , then it’s time you should go online. However, let’s understand Aristotle’s six basic elements of the play, as their perfection determines the perfection of the play performance.

Here are some tips listed to write the best scenario for school theatre, hope they are helpful.

Intriguing plot

This is the most predictable but the most important point. Your story should have a plot that is unique and have audience to watch the play. Be it comedy, serious, or even a drama with a message but there has to be a plot. An engaging plot will do its work of keeping the audience glued to every scene in the theatre.

Once the good plot is developed, the story surrounding it can be twisted and experimented in many ways that you want.


After the plot, the characters play a really important role in shaping the play. There should not be too few or too many. The stage should not look empty nor too crowded. There should be enough characters to depict what the scene is about. Plus, the actors should actually blend with the characters. An Englishman should look like an Englishman, which means you should pick proper looking and speaking actors, as they are the backbone of the play.


They should convey everything to the point. No matter how complex the scene is, the character should say that with minimum efforts and words. Lengthy dialogues will seem to bore the audience, and they might lose interest. Plus, the conversation between the two characters also should be written really fluently. Use as many simple words as required which the normal audience can relate to. Too many big words may confuse the audience.

Give Surprises

This is a bit complicated part, but try inculcating surprise elements in your play. This makes the audience wait for surprising elements, which, if you have added, will make your play a real hit. Just make sure these surprises elements don’t throw off the main track of the plot and make the story wander elsewhere.

Use music to convey moods

Music will convey the messages and scenes in a much better way to the audience than you ever thought of. Silent pauses are necessary, but the conveyance of expression through music is something that adds life to the play.

Sometimes music is the best way to convey the emotions and messages that words cannot convey. It brings out the emotions in the best possible ways. Placing music at the right time in the extract will also give your play the personification it requires. While writing the play, just don’t write music, the word music should follow an adjective.

Know your audience

In the above points, everywhere we have written the audience should be happy, they should be engrossed, they should be glued. So, this implies the audience is the epicenter of your play. So, you should know very well about whom you are writing. They are the school audience, thus everything should be studied well before penning down the right script for the play.

Write what you feel is write

No matter what you write or by whom you are inspired, the play should give out the writer’s character too. The audience should know something about the author through the play. So, write down your feelings and convey them through the play.

After all, it just takes a little bit of everything to write a nice play. It does not have to be extravagant. Simple writing with the best message and portrayal is also enough to woo the audience.

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