Top 8 Most Beautiful Mosques Around the World

I’m sharing the 8 most beautiful Mosques around the World, which are the complete masterpiece of Islamic architecture.

Muslims have an enriched history. A past that is signified with their widespread and fast pacing progress in the region, along with their trading sense. These factors brought up the Muslim cultures and civilizations to reach every corner of the world. This also brought the inherited architecture that is depicted time to time in different buildings, and most importantly the mosques.

These mosques have been designed with great artistic zeal, hard work, unique architecture and preciseness. Here are some of those construction marvels that Muslims have produced in the infrastructure of mosques, all over the world.

Here are some of the most beautiful mosques around the World with complete information.

Shaikh Lotfollah mosque

Mosque has been an essential part of Muslim culture and civilisations. The mosques adhere to great importance as it is the place from where the religious practices originate. Apart from numerous top beautiful mosques in the world, one is Shaikh Lotfollah Mosque located in Isfahan, Iran. Isfahan has a great cultural and architectural heritage, and this mosque is the accurate depiction of that.

The multi-purpose building with wide spaces and beautiful artistry on the wall makes it a tourist attraction spot from all over the world. The mosque took 17 years to be constructed entirely between 1602-1619, during the reign of Shah Abbas I. The structure contains caravanserai, baths, royal mint and a hospital.

Al Aqsa Mosque

Muslim offers all their prayers facing towards Kaaba in Mecca. The same importance was for Al Aqsa mosque before it was changed to Mecca. Not only Muslims, but the Aqsa mosque is also a point of sacredness for three religions, i.e. Christianity, Jew, and Muslims.

The stunning and eye-catching structure of the mosque has been re-built different times during its history. The geography is the hitlist of earthquakes; that’s why it got, again and again, construction chances. The building is the holiest place for Muslims. The Aqsa is divided into three segments, each one open for each religion. Today also the Mosque overflows with thousands of people, offering Friday prayers.

Hassan II Mosque

The morocco is never left behind in producing the architectural marvels in Muslims history. The same glory is shedding from the vast structure of the Hassan II Mosque. Being the largest mosque in Morocco and the seventh-largest mosque all over the world; It is standing on the shore of Casablanca. The mosque was constructed in 1993. The beautiful structure with the big dome and records breaking minarets stand high in the air. The minarets are 210 M high that has lasers on its top. These lasers are directed towards Kaaba.

The interior has a lot harder work to express. The hand-designed smooth marble slots are making the walls. The floor is made up of glass that reflects like the sea when walked on.

Ubudiah Mosque

There is a royal town in Malaysia called Kuala Kangsar. The Ubudiah Mosque is located in that town. The beautiful place of worship has a prominent golden dome that gives outglares when the sun shines on it. Britishers did the architecture design under the rule of Sultan Idris Mushidul Azam Shah. The mosque construction has a story behind it. It was constructed as a thanksgiving by the king, for successfully recovering from a fatal illness. The mosque is a symbol of great honor among Muslims.

Wazir Khan Mosque

Lahore is a city enriched with big Mughal heritage. The old buildings are still depicting the big dynasty and glory of the past. There are different mosques and one of them is Wazir Khan Mosque that is a symbol of great historical architecture. Built-in 17th century, the mosque has been an essential point in the city till date.

The Fresco Paintings are decorating the inside and outside of the mosque with painted walls and pillars. The aerial view is breathtaking as it gives the whole beauty in a single glance.

Located in the North of Lahore, near Kashmir Bazar, the mosque is a big point for Jumma Prayers. The mosque is stuffed in Fridays.

Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

Spain has a big Muslim history. During their invasion, Muslims conquered a lot of Churches and later converted them into mosques. The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is also an example of that. Originally constructed as a church in the 6th century. The building is now a master example of art in the name of the mosque. For a great time, it was halved into two parts, one for Muslims and other for Christians which was later entirely converted into a church after 16 century.

Aqsunqur Mosque

The Aqsunqur Mosque is a construction, made purely on the Ottoman style of architecture. The mosque is located in the Capital of Egypt; Cairo. The infrastructure is made of up Iznik tiles that are arranged in the shape of cypress trees and tulips. A mosque is also a burial place of different prominent names in Muslim History including the founder of the mosque: Shams El-Din Aqsunqur. Apart from that, his numerous sons are also buried in the same mosque.

Al-Nabwi Mosque in Madinah

Islam revolves around the teaching of Allah’s messages, preached by Prophet (PBUH). Medina was his residence. That’s why the mosque of Madinah has great importance, also because the prophet (PBUH) is buried there. The big Green domes give an appealing view to the whole building. The building is a perfect architecture with flat spread construction. The glary marble with the designed pillars and calligraphic ceilings is stunning.

So, that is all about the largest and most beautiful mosques worldwide. These stunning Mosques have the power to catch the eyes and win the hearts of the Muslims. The above mentioned information has been taken from

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About RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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