No less than 43.3 million Americans have incurred a sum of $1.3 trillion of loan debt, and the number continues to increase. As student loan debts continue to impede college attendance, students have to make a daunting decision – attend or not. This life-changing decision depends mostly on the value of higher education. Does a degree translate to a happier or fulfilled life? Are you set for life with a college degree?

What is the philosophy of college?

Taking a cue from the pages of education, the subject surrounds a set of values, beliefs, and purpose of a degree. It reflects how the methodologies taught in school can be applied in later years. Laying emphasis on the curriculum, this philosophy details the topics and subjects that are taught, and why students often choose specific courses, to end up on a different career path.

Granted, wading through the tides of college is quite challenging. Take, for example, meeting several assignment deadlines in classes, writing your thesis in uncomfortable conditions, and probably struggling with paying off your student loans as hesitation draws near. It would make sense that the philosophy of college holds different meanings for respective students.

Why it matters

People often confuse the university as a place for pumping out graduates on a steady. Professors assemble lesson notes for reasons beyond landing the students their dream jobs after school. The four walls of college are designed to instill education and also imbue students with skills that qualify them for the general workforce. For most, these skills are picked up outside college in preparedness for unforeseen circumstances. Decent students stretch themselves to take other opportunities outside the college. At this point, one would wonder if a college degree is self-sufficient for future success. Perhaps not.

From selecting the college of choice to graduation, it’s a long walk to bagging a degree. Some students drop out of the journey for reasons like sent and life challenges. However, the bulk of dropouts are the ones who couldn’t meet school demands, starting from essays to dissertations, group work, and examinations.

Assuming every student had the ‘summa cum laude’ dream, only a meager 8% will live up to expectations. Even though this dream is far-reaching, many students stay ahead of their game by outsourcing basic essay writing and assignment responsibilities. Recently, a website known as Essaysmatch has recorded an increase in the demand for essay writing and other dissertation work by students, especially in the university. This trend has shown that it is probably true that individuals will do what it takes to stay in college, even if they have to spend a fraction of their allowances. It emphasizes the need for a college degree, at all costs.

In the community, parents and guardians emphasize degrees, especially in corporate organizations. Now, lazy students don’t have to worry about staying relevant since they can always outsource college responsibilities at subsidized rates. Whoever said the philosophy of college entirely rests on the oars of intentional hardworking was everything but wrong.

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