Should you buy TikTok likes in 2019?

So, you have created your TikTok account and want an instant kickstart? If you’re reading this, chances are you want to buy TikTok likes to get an initial push.

But you’re not sure if buying TikTok likes is helpful. Or you might be wondering whether it is even a good idea in the first place?

It is common for the first time TikTok content creators to have many questions in mind, such as, “Is it legal to buy TikTok likes?” and “Will my account be banned if I buy TikTok likes?”

In this post, I will address your questions and concerns about buying TikTok likes in 2019.

TikTok Marketing

Creating engaging, funny, useful, entertaining, and educational videos are, no doubt, the key factors to become famous on TikTok. However, these are not enough to get you noticed instantly. You have to give a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get your videos noticed.

You require followers to view and engage with your videos. No matter how entertaining your videos, they’re not going to get noticed, shared, or commented on without a strong followers base. In other words, you need an audience to become popular on TikTok.

But how do you get followers on TikTok? Well, you may ask your friends to follow you and use organic methods to get your videos noticed, the reality is these methods are not going to give your videos an immediate boost.

So, what is the best way to quickly get your videos viral on TikTok? This brings us to purchasing TikTok likes.

‘Likes’ make one of the crucial elements of TikTok algorithm. The video-sharing app naturally promotes videos and accounts that have more likes. When you get more likes, more people get to see your videos. If your videos are fun and entertaining, more people are going to follow you.

Myths about buying TikTok likes

Myth 1: TikTok likes are illegal

This is one of the biggest myths about paid campaigns among TikTok creators. The terms and conditions of the video-sharing platform do not prohibit buying likes. It is totally legal to initiate a paid campaign in getting your videos noticed.

Myth 2: Your account will be banned

No account has been banned or deleted for getting likes and views on videos. Only videos that contain defamatory or illegal content may violate the terms and conditions of TikTok, which may lead to the banning of your account. Getting likes through paid campaigns, such as buying likes, will never lead to suspension of your account.

Myth 3: Purchased likes are fake

Likes can be of varying qualities, depending on where you buy the likes. But not all purchased likes are fake. Of course, many providers use bots to like videos. You must do your research and purchase real likes from trusted sellers. Never buy bot-based likes.

Where can I buy real TikTok likes?

Some websites offer free TikTok likes. However, free packages comprise only a few likes.

The good news is that you can easily buy TikTok likes that are real and cheap. For example, you can get 1,000 likes for only around $14 and 5,000 likes for about $50, with fast delivery from reliable service providers.

When buying likes, make sure to check the team behind the service, compare prices, and make certain the likes are real, secure, easy to process, and delivered quickly.

Buying TikTok likes: The benefits

1. Fast results

When you buy TikTok likes, your ‘followers base’ will quickly expand. Buying likes is perfect for newbie TikTok content creators who want to get more followers quickly, without waiting for months or years to make an impact. Starting off with a decent number of likes will get you more followers, putting you on a path of fame.

2. Reach broader audience

When you buy TikTok likes, they ultimately help you get more views on your videos. This, in turn, helps you reach more audience and gain loyal followers that promote your videos for free to reach more audience.

3. Boost TikTok ranking

As stated earlier, likes make a significant part of TikTok algorithm. The video-sharing app automatically helps videos and accounts with more likes to reach more audiences. In other words, it promotes videos and accounts that already have more likes.

4. Potential for videos to go viral

When you create a great video and buy likes, the video gets consistent views for a specific time. As a result, the app will automatically place the video on the top in TikTok’s discover section and home screen. The likes that you bought worked as a trigger to push your video across the network. This increases the chance for your video to go viral. SocialMissile offers the best TikTok growth service with real and targeted followers


Now that I have addressed your questions and concerns, besides discussing the benefits and myths of buying TikTok likes, you can decide whether or not purchasing TikTok likes is useful. Even after reading this article, I encourage you to do your research and if you were to buy TikTok likes do it with caution.

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