5 Fun Games of Chance You Can Play at Home

When most of us think about games of chance we think about machine games like slots and online poker. In reality, any game in which the odds are stacked against you and money is involved is considered gambling. This is in itself a game of chance.

If you love to gamble and you don’t want to waste all your hard-earned cash at the casino, you can try gathering a few friends and play some games at home.

Of course, you can’t bring a slot machine home and a craps table will take up the larger part of your living room. Let’s take a look at some other options!

What Are Considered Games of Chance?

The most common games of chance are slots, roulette, and craps. If you’re looking for something chance-y that you can play at home, we’ve got the list for you right here!


Poker is one of the most popular card games on the planet and chances are that you’ve played this one once or twice already. It’s the ultimate game of chance that you can practice with at least two other people and learn how to perfect your ‘poker face’.


Also known as the game ‘twenty-one’, Blackjack is endlessly fun because all you really need to know is how to count to 21. As the saying goes, know when to hold ’em!


Most people don’t think of Bingo as a game of chance but it really is. Whatever the stakes, your winnings depend on the chances of you matching a spot with the bingo balls. Five in a row wins it all!


There are various dice games you can play at home, such as Bunco and Liar’s Dice which was made famous in the Johnny Depp Disney film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Liar’s Dice is considered the ultimate game of deception, so watch your dice!


Perhaps the number one game of chance that involves legal gambling is your local lottery. Remember, it should all be in good fun so don’t waste more than a few dollars per week on tickets, be it scratch-offs or Mega-Millions and Power Ball.  You could win millions with just one dollar.

Ready to Try Your Luck? 

These games of chance that you can play at home with friends and family will satisfy your itch to gamble with less high stakes.

Try your hand at home to get in some practice before you hit the casino so you can be prepared for the big leagues. Casinos are not very forgiving and they absolutely don’t intend for you to win so the more practice you get, the better.

We hope you found this post helpful and enlightening enough to pursue gambling from a safer standpoint.

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