Tips to make Android Faster without Root for a Newbie

Summary: Does your Android work slowly? Android’s performance has degraded and does not offer the super-fast performance it had when it bought the phone. So how to make Android work faster without root? Well, in this post I am sharing some of the very useful tips for novice users and you must follow all the tips mentioned here in this article so that your unrooted Android works faster.

It is very painful to invest hundreds of dollars in a high-end smartphone just to find that the fast and smooth performance I expected remains intangible. While inexpensive and mid-range phones also do not offer uniform performance, they are more likely to be delayed and stutter.

Some users also compare iOS and Android, just to check the speed performance before buying a smartphone.

How to make Android Faster?

Recently, I’ve been watching some videos comparing the iPhone with several Android devices in speed tests. One of the things I have noticed is that iPhones (however restrictive and battery-consuming) tend to be considerably faster than the competition. For example, the HTC One M8 used to be one of the fastest phones on the market, but now the iPhone 6 / Plus seems to be spinning in terms of speed. Even the new Note 4 is losing preliminary speed tests against the iPhone.

The main difference between Android and iPhone is that iOS is designed to work on specific devices and developed considering that it works in specific hardware configurations. On the other hand, Android was developed to work on many devices and that does not work on specific hardware configurations. Find more android news in one click.

However, the main performance problem is related to hardware configuration, there are several ways you can do in the front of the software that will reduce the pressure on the device hardware and, therefore, will make Android work faster.

1 – Uninstall and disable unused / unwanted applications

Applications that you don’t use or don’t need, you never want those applications to take up memory space on your device. Therefore, you must uninstall or disable unused applications.

Here how to uninstall the application:

  • On your device, go to Settings> Applications and then to the All tabs section.

  • Now look for applications from the list that you don’t use or don’t need.

  • Touch the unused application and then touch the “Uninstall” option.

2 – Keep your Device and Installed Applications Updated

The latest Samsung updates software contains bug fixes, new features and general improvements, and can help keep your Android device running faster.

Software updates are made through OTA (Over the air) and you must be automatically notified to install them. But you can also check for updates manually. Go to Settings> About phone> Software updates> Check for updates.

The same applies to installed applications. Open Play Store, touch the Menu in the upper left and then touch My Apps and make sure all the applications you use are up to date.

3 – Avoid Live Wallpaper and Screen Animation

It is you who has to make the decision of what you want with your device: appearance or performance. You will not get both, especially when you are not using a high-end smartphone. If you are looking for better performance, you must remove live wallpapers and screen animation.

4 – Turn off Mobile Data and Background / Auto Sync

Mobile data and automatic / background synchronization make a device run relatively slowly and drain the battery. Therefore, you must turn OFF mobile data when it is not necessary.

On the other hand, most users add different accounts to their Android device and allow them to automatically synchronize data in the background and provide us with updates.

Here how to Disable Automatic / Background Synchronization:

  • Go to Settings> Accounts> Search for automatic synchronization and simply turn it off.

  • In case you have added different accounts, you must delete the accounts that you do not really need and also reduce the frequency of synchronization.

5 – Keep your Home Screen Clean

If you are using a live wallpaper, replace it with any static or common image. Also keep your home screen clean and remove all unused icons and widgets. The less clutter the home screen is, the better the performance.

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