Tips for video editing

Have you ever filmed a movie, recorded the best moments of your life, and still you are not satisfied with the layout? I have been through many times, and I believe that as we all live in a digital world now, we all record videos on a regular basis.

I know, not many of you would be thinking of uploading videos or starting a YouTube channel. There are a lot of things linked to video editing and creating.

People do not only look for a good content, they also want to have an attractive and appealing layout, you may need to call some companies such as twitch overlay animated who can provide you some wonderful overlays.

Video recording involves many things. You may think that it is very easy, it can be if you are aware of some simple photography and video recording tips.

Before anything, you must know the dimensions and features of your cameras. here in this article I have mentioned some tips. I am only writing this article, because recently I met a friend who was quite upset because he is unable to polish and edit his videos, I have watched his content which is great.

Here are some tips which I think can help beginners.

1.    Check your computer

You must check your computer in which you will edit your videos. Install some very good antiviruses. So that your stored data, must not get corrupted.

You must add some more software and storing disks to your computer for increasing its RAM. The increase of 8Gb RAM, will help you a lot especially if you are working on professional grounds.

2.    Add some sound

You can add sounds, if you have ever watched a drama, you might have noticed that on horror scenes, there will be some deep sounds.

On the other hand, if you will be watching some happy moments, there will be some loud music. You can add such sounds in your video. How will you do that? Of course, through multiple software.

In market there are a lot of them, you simply need to ask some of the best vloggers who are willing to help you or read some reviews and features about the trending video editors, especially sound editors.

3.    Ramping

In a professional video there are many scenes which are different from others, but how will you mention the significance of a few scenes?

This will only be possible through ramping. You will have to alter the usual speed of the video. For example, for skipping the unimportant scenes they just pass them in a very fast speed. On the other hand, for emotional scenes, they may slower down the speed.

4.    When to cut

You need to cut and paste the important parts, for instance if you have recorded an interview then you will need to paste the important conversation somewhere in the middle. Or you can do some tricks, you can break the video.

If it is a long video, cut it down, and add breaks, create a flash of the upcoming section. Thus, the interest of the viewers will be retained.

5.    Check th resolution

Every video has got various types of shots. Sometimes you are recording objects or scenes from far away, and on the other hand we can have a close up shot.

In both cases, resolution plays a very significant role. You must adjust the resolution, in closeups you do not need 4k resolution, 1080p standard is enough.

You my need to download some tools, in my case I had to invest some money, but being a beginner, you must not get into investing much.

6.    Learn your computer’s short cuts

Your computer is your main device for editing your videos, even if you are using your laptop, I would say computer, so bear with me.

Make sure that you know all the shortcut keys of your computer, because what’s the point in using your computer without learning some tricks in it. by the way, I don’t understand why we have hidden keyboard tricks?

Anyhow, learn them all, because I know when you will be getting bulk of work you will not prefer watching an hour-long interview, while deciding about the cut crop session.

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