Your Step-By-Step Guide to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business

Starting a carpet cleaning business is an investment that you can count on for many years to come. Why? Carpet cleaning is something that homeowners, apartment managers, business office managers, and so many other people will always need. There is no substitute for a quality carpet washer.

Sure, there are carpet cleaning machines and equipment you can buy and rent at a local hardware store, but nothing cleans as well as when the professionals bring in their own equipment. If you’ve recently decided that you want to start a carpet cleaning business, then you have a bright future to look forward to. It’s a great business to get into as long as you take the necessary steps to do it the right way.

Opening a carpet cleaning business as when opening any business, takes a lot of hard work and dedication. There are many important things you must do and prepare for. Are you ready to get your business started?

Continue reading below for our guide on how to start your own carpet cleaning business!

1. Take It Step by Step

Before even beginning the process, there are a few smart first steps that should be taken. These are the steps that you want to take before jumping into the business aspect of things. If you’re unable to complete these first steps, then you won’t be able to move forward with your new business.

Here’s what you need to know.

Begin to Save

Your first priority should be to set a budget for yourself and begin to save. In most things in life, it cost money to make money. You’ll need to have enough money saved up before starting your business.

There are many things to calculate into your savings plan. For example, the cost of equipment, the cost of getting your training, licenses, employee pay, and other daily expenses should all be taken into account. Give yourself a good starting point by calculating these costs and saving for them.

There are business budget templates available for you to help plan for these expenses.

Get the Training You Need

The next step you’ll need to take is to get the training you need. Carpet cleaning experience and certificates are a must if you want to get far in the business. Although it’s a high-demand business, you’ll be in competition with several other similar companies.

Do what you need to stay in the competition. You can look for several courses on various related specializations in the carpet cleaning industry. Luckily, many of these courses can be taken online for your convenience.

There are plenty of other places to receive your training as well. Look into what works best for you and then ensure that all employees have the same or similar training. Then remember that you’ll need to register your business and get your business licensed as well.

2. Weigh Your Options

When starting your own carpet cleaning business, you can choose to open a franchise or create your own startup. Owning a franchise is the best bet for those wanting to own their own business, but aren’t ready to take the risks associated with opening your own independent business.

This could also be a great option for those with little experience. You can gain experience by owning a franchise and later on decide to go your own way once you feel more confident.

3. Formulate a Business Plan

After getting your necessary training and have decided which route to take, start forming a business plan. A business plan not only helps you stay on track with starting the company, but it also creates a great foundation for getting funding. When formulating your business plan, be sure to ask yourself a few questions and answer them in your plan.

Here are some questions that your business plan should answer.

  1. Who is my business’ target customer?
  2. How will I get business from this target customer?
  3. How will I earn a profit?
  4. What are my financial goals (both short-term and long-term)?
  5. What equipment do I need to get started?

Be sure to keep records of all income to your business and losses as well. This will help you determine where you might need to make changes.

4. Purchase Your Equipment

Before you can clean a single carpet, you need to purchase professional, high-quality equipment. For starters, you’ll need an industrial vacuum, a steam carpet cleaner such as a Roto Vac, and a few detergents and solvents. However, these are just the basics.

There are plenty of other smaller and more detailed tools required to get the job done right. To learn about the more specific tools needed, consider speaking with other professionals in the same industry. Ask them what their favorite tools to use are.

These might include deodorizers, stair cleaning tools, pet stain remover, carpet rakes, and much more.

5. Create Marketing and Advertising Strategies

To draw customers in, you need a good marketing and advertising strategy. To keep them coming back, you need good services. Create a business website as soon as you get started.

A business without a website comes off as unreliable to potential customers. Make sure that your website provides quality content to your customers. You can then start small by providing services to friends, family, and neighbors.

They can then use word of mouth to let others know about your business. This is also a good way to tweak a few things since you’ll learn as you go.

Are You Ready to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business?

You can start a carpet cleaning business today by following these few tips and steps listed above! Starting a business, in general, has its steps that you must follow. Starting a carpet cleaning business, however, has a few more specific steps that you should always keep in mind.

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