What’s the most romantic way to propose someone?

Figuring out the right and the most romantic way to propose your loved one can be quite challenging. They are over millions of ideas and ways that you could do it. Before you dive into the details, ask yourself what could be most romantic for your loved one because romantic is different in everyone’s dictionary. You can go for the best of rings but the place, timing, and occasion also matters.

It’s quite a big deal that you are ready to ask your loved one to spend the rest of your life with you. You can choose from three basic options, proposing in public, proposing with family & friends, and proposing in private. Find out for yourself which one would suit you and your partner.

Dive into this article and you might find what you’re looking for or at least an inspiration to do something new.

Go for a hike – Some Place high with beautiful scenery.

If you both love adventure and hiking, this might be just the right way for you to propose your loved one. You could shed some clues as you go along and until you both reach a point where you both make a summit on the top with a beautiful scenery use that perfect moment because would not only be a breathtaking experience but also pinned into some your both memories and be very special for you both.

On a Beach at Sunset

This is one of the most classic and romantic ways of proposing. Take your loved one on a vacation to a beach that seems very peaceful. The sun set creates just the right glamorous lighting effect ,there is something very magical about lighting up a bonfire, picking up the right spot where the hide tides and strong winds won’t interrupt.

Cook a worthy dinner

This is one of the easiest and most memorable ways. Make something special for your soon to be fiancé’s favorite’s dishes, or hire a personal chef for that one special night and make the proposal over the dessert.

Get a puppy or a kitten

Adopt a cute puppy or a kitten depending on what your fiancé prefers more and use it as a surprise with some flowers. Your fiancé would be more than just awed.

Go for a Helicopter ride

This would be an ideal way to easily have beautiful scenery set up for you, your loved would be totally caught by surprise and this could be jaw dropping for your partner.

New Year’s Eve

This would probably work best if you are at a romantic spot right before the clock hits midnight. You also would have to perfect on the timing to make it a perfect proposal. Keep the ring ready to be taken out on a moment’s notice with you being in perfect position, as soon as the clock hit midnight you take the ring out, bend the knee and say the magic words.


Halloween can the perfect time before the fall where everyone is collecting candy, you can use that moment to perfectly plan as to how would you make that approach and wait for the right moment without any rush. Ambush your loved one with the ring when is totally unpredictable.

Scavenger Hunt

This proposal might require a bit of a perfect planning, a scavenger hunt would be one of the great ways to have your family involved. Set up clues with your friends or family members at crucial spots and let them guide your soon to be fiancé to you where you bend the knee and make the proposal.

Ambush on a Family Dinner

Invite your loved one to a family dinner somewhere near a beach or somewhere quiet and peaceful and once your fiancé seems to be at a vulnerable position, bend the knee and Propose.

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