Ice Climbing: How to do it Safely

If you’re thinking about venturing into the extreme world of ice climbing as a sport, then you’re in the right place. Chances are, you’re new to the sport and need some advice on how to do it safely. Remember that safety is the utmost priority, so you’re in the right place to learn about ice climbing for beginners.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to go about your new hobby safely.

Buy the Right Equipment

First things first: for any sport, you need to ensure that you’ve purchased the right equipment. And that is nowhere truer than in ice climbing. In order to ensure that you stay safe, you need all of the right ice picks, belays, shoes, and other equipment that is recommended for the sport.

Ice climbing equipment isn’t usually cheap to come by, so try shopping the used market to save some money on these expensive products. Typically, you’ll be able to find very gently used items at great deals if you look long enough.

Wear the Right Gear

The next step to ice climbing safety is to wear the right gear. Any location that has enough ice for you to properly climb will be subject to very extreme temperatures. You have to be able to maintain your full sense of touch and your mental capacity as you climb.

If you don’t wear the right gear and are instead brought down by the temperatures and physically deteriorate, then you’re more likely to make a mistake. And a mistake made when ice climbing can have massive safety ramifications.

Walk Before You Run

When you’re just getting started with ice climbing, the last thing you should do is head out to the toughest trail or climb that you know. Remember that you’re a novice, and all beginners should walk before they run.

Instead of picking the hardest trail, start with the easiest one and work your way upwards. Ensure that you have enough natural skill at ice climbing in order to brave the more difficult obstacles before you start doing so.

Only when you’ve proven your ice climbing skill to yourself should you start to tackle the more expert-level obstacles.

Bring a Buddy

The best ice climbing safety tip is to bring a buddy. Ice climbing basics dictate that you never do it alone. Should anything go wrong on your trip and you end up physically incapacitated, the extreme climate could easily cause some very harsh, long-lasting medical injuries if you are not removed from that climate immediately by your buddy.

Not only so, but climbing with a buddy is far more enjoyable than climbing by yourself! So the next time you go ice climbing, make sure you’re doing it with somebody.

Ice Climbing for Beginners, Made Simple

There you have it — ice climbing for beginners, made simple. With these safety tips under your belt, you’re all ready to start tackling some ice climbing obstacles in your area.

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