5 Extremely Practical and Unique Office Refurbishment Ideas for Your Next Office Upgrade Venture

Statistics, or in this case, numbers do not lie! The globally renowned magazine “Forbes” recently released a statistical figure based on a copious number of studies and researches. As per this specific study, it was found that more than 70% of employees reported not being content with their workplace. This results in the disengagement of employees in the workplace, which ultimately reduces their work efficiency.

Epic Office Furniture Perth note that a vast majority of corporate organizations fail to realize this, but the aesthetic feature of a workplace is deeply connected with the efficiency of their employees. People have already developed a boring stereotype image of a professional workplace, and it does not help if your workplace turns out precisely the way they imagined, or worse, even more, unenthusiastic and dull as well.

An efficient, professional office refurbishment venture should be able to encourage innovation and promote a sense of jubilancy and, well, fun. That does not necessarily mean you have to turn your office into a clown fest, but it is of utmost importance that your workplace promotes creativity and recreation at least up to some certain degrees.

Here are some of the most unique and distinctive office refurbishment ideas that should promote a significant upgrade sentiment to your professional workplace.

  1. Give your office a bright and welcoming color upgrade

Brushing up your office with a whole new coat of light and the refreshing color is one of the most exciting and simplest methods to give your office a massive make-over. Repainting your office walls might not sound as effective or convincing as opposed to swapping out the old furniture or any other major refurbishment process, but colors do matter a lot. The last thing you’re employees would want is to walk into a dull and dark-colored office that triggers anxiety and depression on top of all the workloads they already have to deal with.

Black color certainly evokes a strong feeling of professionalism, but it fails to promote other sentiments such as encouraging liveliness and refreshing vibe. Thus, instead of dark colors, it is better if you choose other shades of light colors (but not too flashy) that do not necessarily stimulate their inner depressive characteristics.

  1. Incorporate technology in your workplace

The present generation of the corporate industry revolves around utilizing the optimal efficiency of available technologies around them. So, why should your office be any different? Incorporating technologies in the workplace play a massive role in attracting the attention of your employees and encourages them to be more active around the office cubicles. Technologies also spark immense innovation and create a sense of productive excitement within the office.

These additions can come in the form of installing the latest technological office equipment such as a standing desk, a wireless charging dock, a stable and reliable Wi-Fi network, or just anything relevant to your line of work. All these small technological additions can play a considerable role in enhancing the output of your employees.

  1. Focus on providing sufficient natural lighting to your office

Is there anything better than a gust of fresh wind gently passing through your desk while you’re stressed out about your upcoming project? Sadly, that seems to happen only in Bollywood movies. In reality, the vast majority of corporate employees are stuck in a dark and confined space that is a step away from qualifying as a modern-day dungeon. Ensuring you provide sufficient lighting to your office should be one of your primary objectives when undertaking an office refurbishment session.

An electrician can install a generous number of LED light bulbs around the office, or you could refurbish it in such a way as to encourage maximum natural sunlight to your office interior. You can do this by increasing the number of windows in your office or by using reflective glasses to attract sunlight for the maximum duration of the day.

  1. Make optimum efficiency out of every space around the office

One of the primary aspects of an efficient office refurbishment venture is to ensure that you utilize every inch of your office space with a definite purpose. More often than not, people end up arranging the office set-up in a completely unproductive manner, which ultimately creates lumps of useless space around the workplace. This is especially true with the office bathroom. Selecting the best commercial bathroom partitions can completely transform the way you utilize your bathroom space. Instead of dealing with all those sloppy spaces with irrelevant functionalities, you could think about rearranging the entire landscape of your office and use extra spaces to create dedicated rooms for different teams or just a general “informal” area for your staffs to lounge out and relax after a hard day of endless work and projects.

You could also try to expand the working space of your employees, so they can move around freely and recline back without having to bump into their immediate work companion.

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