Perttu Reveals His “Damage Control”

Perttu releases his brand new track “Damage Control” today, just in time to round off a productive year for the Finnish based artist. As well as getting his total streams to over 25 million, he has established a label called Perttu Music Oy, where this tune has been released.

A stunning mesh of pop vocals and guitar-laced electronic work, “Damage Control” features the vocalist Dom McAllister, who also co-wrote it. He says: We originally decided to write about climate change, though the lyrics seem metaphorically about that. It also relates to the need for time in order to heal and take responsibility. I performed all the instruments on the day we wrote the song and I didn’t re-record or edit anything afterwards. Similarly with the vocals, we were able to capture the moment as it appeared. Hopefully some of the magic transmits to the listener.”

Listen below.

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