Benefits of Robotic Palletizers

Most companies that package their products in bags, boxes, crates and cartons are taking advantage of robotic palletizers as an important part of industrial robotics.

Palletizing is an extremely tedious process as it involves the arranging of loads such as cartons, bags or boxes onto pallets ready to be shipped to the market.

The palletizing process has greatly benefited from the automation of collaborative robots. There are two types of palletizing solutions namely; conventional and robotic solutions.

However, there has been a significant move from the conventional solution to the robotic systems over the past few years.

Disadvantages of Conventional Solutions

  • Higher maintenance costs

  • Reduced flexibility

  • Expensive purchasing cost as compared to a robotic solution.

Robotic solutions on the other hand have made the palletizing process to not only be easy but also fast. More so, automation palletizing has greatly reduced the involvement of the strenuous and tedious physical process while ensuring that the quality of products is maintained.

Below are some of the major advantages of palletizing robots.

Production Speed

The ability of palletizing robot to repeat movements at a constant speed while maintaining accuracy makes it the best choice when it comes to assembling a perfect pallet. A robot can be programmed to load a particular number of packages per layer.

Additionally, it can be able to pick several objects at once with its grippers hence increasing the rate of production.

Good Working Conditions

It is obvious that palletizing cannot be carried out by a single person. Automation palletizing ensures that human workers are no longer required to lift heavy objects. With the palletizing robots working alongside employees, productivity increases while the morale and general health of the workers is improved.

The problems that are usually caused by distraction, fatigue, injuries, tedious motions and the effects of performing repetitive tasks are altogether eliminated.

Reduced Costs

While manual palletizing requires large number of workers to move heavy loads, robots can comfortably perform tedious tasks thus greatly reducing the number of people needed for palletizing. Also, palletizing robots can operate day and night with little or no lighting thus helping you save on your electricity bills.

Reduction of lifting up of heavy objects can also significantly reduce the amount of health insurance costs that a factory would incur if their workers got injured.

Less Damages on Products

As human workers can easily feel fatigued or even get distracted after a few hours of work, a lot of damage can occur on products leading to massive losses. However, palletizing robots are designed and programmed in such a way that despite their enhanced speed, they still remain gentle on products.

Handling products with care greatly reduces the occurrence of damaged products hence leading to high sales of quality products.

Small Workspace

Unlike in conventional palletizing, robotic palletizers take up only a small Workspace. More so, a palletizing robot can be programmed to function in tight spaces thus helping you save a lot of limited floor space for other production purposes.

Easy to Programmed

It is relatively easy to use and programmed the modern collaborative robots especially the palletizing ones. The factory only needs to set the required number of packages on a particular pallet. The information is then fed into the robot alongside the desired pallet pattern.

The robot then automatically performs the provided instructions and will only move over to another pallet after completing each process in every pallet according to the already programmed pattern.

Range of Products

Companies usually have different ways of packaging their final products. The packaging’s range from crates, boxes or even cartons depending on which material is suitable for particular products.

Palletizing robots are designed with suitable end of arm tooling which enables them to handle any type of packaging material that a factory can choose to use. Different types of packaging materials can also be easily moved from one point to the other without causing any damage to the products.


For any company to remain competitive on the market today, industrial automation is must. Since palletizing is one of the important process that products have to go through before they are shipped to the market, a lot of care should be observed in the way the products are handled.

This is because, it is this end product that the customer will be receiving. This makes palletizing robots to become very vital in the automation of the production process.

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