INTERVIEW: Cassandra Jewel

Hello Cassandra! Thank you for doing this interview! We know you have new music dropping 2020! Exciting! Do you have a favorite song you are particularly eager to release?

Yes I am so excited!! I have been waiting to release this music for a while now. I am so freakin eager to release ’HYMN’ in January and right after that will come my EP.  I am over the moon to release it all. I cannot wait for everyone to hear and connect with the project as a whole.

There are really no words to explain how amazing the creative process has been in regards to creating this music and this EP. When I met my producer Jedstarrr, the intention was just to create one single, and long story short we connected so well creatively that we ended up creating a whole EP together. It was and is absolute magic and it changed my life forever. I was living in Ridgewood Queens, New York when this EP was written and recorded. My studio at the time was located in Brooklyn at one of my engineers- Kimaudio’s studio. That place became my safe space. My get away.  And in that tiny room absolute magic was created.  It was about a 10 month process.  I would go to my job at the restaurant, come home and write and on my days off I would write or I would head to the studio. I couldn’t wait for those free days.  To be honest I was quite a loner during this time. I put all of my energy into my art and I never stopped creating. The process was incredibly healing for me. I never knew how much I would grow and learn about myself once I actually acted on my deep deep desires within my soul that needed to be let out and heard. I really did my best to allow my spirit to lead me with my writing and expression. I never let fear hold me back.

Tell us what your creative process was like with the new music coming out and what has been most inspiring during the process?

The process was fun, playful, liberating, challenging, lonely, healing and so so very beautiful.  I learned so much about myself-who I am in general and who I am as an artist. I will never be the same. I would say what has inspired me the most from the creative process is looking back and seeing how I turned a lot of pain and things I went through into art.

A lot of my songs are about personal struggles and things I went through. And a lot of my songs were written in a place where I was healing from a dark time and relationship, facing my own shadows, and a place of healing from my past. And instead of staying in a dark place, I allowed myself to create and I decided to see the light.

If you could blink your eyes and be in a favorite place right now, where would that be?

Hmmm in this very moment if I could be in any place I would be way up high in the mountains somewhere breathing in the fresh air and listening to the beauty of absolute silence. Maybe Sedona Arizona or maybe in Colorado. I have never been to Colorado. I would love to go there.

How would you describe your perfect day – what does that look like to you?

My perfect day right now in this time where I am at would be to sleep in- but not too late. Go get a nice cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop Priscilla‘s. Spend some time at the beach in the sun and the water while listening to music. Sing. Write. Spend time with my family and my loved ones. And cuddle with my cat as well as my boyfriend that I don’t have yet. Cozy up in my bed that’s incredibly comfortable because your bed should be a sacred space. It’s very important to me that my bed is comfortable and that it should be hard to wake up in the morning you feel me?

Anyways yea that’s a day.

Thinking ahead – where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Honestly I’m just trying to take it day by day right now. Where I see myself in five years is consistently working on my craft – Having built a beautiful community of love and freedom. I see myself touring my music all over the world and creating a unique experience for others. I see myself being a very successful working performer.  I see myself being happy and just being me.

Anything else you would like to share?

What I’ve been focused on lately is practicing feeling good. It’s not as hard as we make it. I personally tend to make things more difficult than they are sometimes which is so stupid. Practice feeling good. Think about the things that make you feel good. You can seriously talk yourself into it. It’s like retraining your brain. Stay focused on your vision. And be aware of what you choose to focus on because what I’m really really really beginning to see and understand and know is that the universe responds to how we feel. What you feel is what you’ll project and what you project is what you’ll get back.

Tell us where to find you on social media and where we can buy/support your music?

YOUTUBE: cassandra jewel – YouTube

SPOTIFY: Cassandra Jewel

INSTAGRAM: @cassandrajewel_

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