Top 5 Political Social Media Influencers

Political parties are broadly tapping the social media influencers — and those with the sizeable fan base over different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram — before the elections just to push their political messages through the subtle campaigns, marketers and advertisers. Realizing the fact, in an upcoming election, political parties are more and more tying up with different social media influencers (that are hailing from various areas of life like fashion, food, or lifestyle among many more) who have made the name for themselves over different digital platform just to gather more votes as well as attract young or first-time voters.

Actually, it’s believed that it will be first elections in country where the influencers are going to play an important and massive role in an election campaign of different political parties.

Why influencer marketing?

Generally, a wide follower base of influencers gives the valid reason to political players for engaging them to woo the target audience for them in the subtle way like against direct one. Thus, through the sports star, musician, stand-up comedian, and actor playing influencer on the potent social media networks like Instagram or Facebook; political parties will achieve desired result within no time. It is not any astonishing fact to consider the power of the influencers who mastered this art of engaging their target audience very well in the short period of time and with the lesser cost of expensive resources.

Moreover, these influencers normally don’t give out any direct messages but the messages are over voting with the hashtags promoting voting and have party line and logo in its place. This said, in an upcoming election, the influencer marketing has actually become the main marketing methods of the political parties to converse with the prospective voters living in various parts of the world. There are many great influencers like David Urban, Russ Choma etc. who did great job in lobbying. But now let’s see list of the top 5 political social media influencer with more followers:

  1. Joy Ann Reid

He is the most popular political analyst for the MSNBC and also host of “AM Joy” that airs every Saturdays & Sundays from 10A.M. ET to noon. She is an author of book named “Fracture: Barack Obama, Clintons and Racial Divide”, co-editor of her latest track “We Are Change We Seek: Speeches of Barack, and columnist.

  1. Ana Cox

Ana Marie is the political columnist and also the culture critic and her writing appeared in New Republic, the Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, and Esquire. She also hosts popular show “With Friends Like These,” it is a podcast from the Crooked Media, is a Public Editor of Washington Post. She also conducted “Talk” interviews that were featured in New York Magazine and Middle East Headlines from the year 2015 to 2017. She was senior political correspondent of MTV News from the year 2016 till they pivoted to the video. She’s on the cable news quite often than she would like, and comes frequently on the Real Time with Maher.

  1. Wayne Dupree

Dupree is the leading conservative voice with own radio show. Even though there is so much conservative suppression over social media, but, Dupree has more than 350K followers just on Twitter and more than 420K followers over Facebook, and grown generically with penchant to be real with his featured guests and audience.

  1. Pamela Geller

Pamela is the anti-Islamic political influencer and activist who pens for the Breitbart News and own site, Geller Report that is a successor of her blog Shrugs Atlas. Along with Robert Spencer, she’s also the cofounder for AFDI or American Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization of the America advocacy coalitions, and both are classified by Southern Poverty Law Center for being the anti-Muslim groups.

  1. Matt Drudge

“Matt” Drudge is the American political commentator and influencer, the editor and creator of the most popular Drudge Report, it is American news aggregator. Matt is an author; and was the radio show host as well as TV show host. On 7th December, it rumored that he has sold Drudge Report and will no longer do editing.

Bottom Line

Thus, political parties take help of the local celebrities or people who have stature as well as get them for appealing to the vote. Tapping local influencers over social media networks is the common practice nowadays before elections.

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