Lookas Is ‘Infinite’ With New EP Release

Lookas is one of the biggest rising producers around and today he’s dropped his new Infinite EP. This self-made Miami artist first arrived in the dance scene back in 2013 making his first remixes to “Tsunami” by DVBBS and Brogeous which led to an official release of the mix in 2014.

His new EP contains three tracks, all with a personality of their own. Opener “Redline” was released as the lead single last month and is filled with his loved high energy production and the perfect sound for the weekend ahead. While, “Mach 5” pushes Lookas’ much loved trap sound, with rolling drum rolls and drops taken to the next level.

“Apex” completes the set with ethereal quality at the start. A drifting introduction is soon given a bold intensity; sharp vocal hooks and a squelching bassline take hold and refuse to surrender.

Waste no time and give Lookas’ Infinite EP a listen below now.

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