Business-to-Business 101: B2B Marketing Examples and Strategies

B2B companies tend to struggle with marketing. B2B marketing isn’t easy. It’s much different than convincing someone to purchase a $20 product like you would in B2C sales.

The sales process is longer, there are more decision-makers, and the product costs are often higher. That means that you need a better marketing strategy.

How can you figure out your marketing strategy? Take a look at these strategies and B2B marketing examples that you can use in your own business.

Understand the Target Audience

One of the most basic marketing principles of marketing is to know your target market. That’s how you’ll be able to craft the right marketing messages to reach them.

In B2C sales, you usually have to get into the demographics and psychographics as to what motivates a person to buy. Usually, it’s something that has an emotional pull, like looking sexy or feeling confident.

The primary motivators in B2B sales are profitability and return on investment. If you have a product or service that can increase revenue, make people more productive, or cut operational expenses.

You don’t have to understand the emotions of why a business will buy. You’re likely going to have several different stakeholders with different emotional needs.

One person may need a big win to keep their job. Another one wants to look good in front of the boss.

Rather than targeting the emotional needs of stakeholders, find out the day-to-day challenges your customers face and how your product solves it.

Bosch Europe created a successful marketing campaign targeting trades workers. The campaign demonstrated how they can do things better.

Automate Marketing

How much time is spent on repeatable tasks like sending the same emails to prospects? Probably a lot. That time could be spent on other revenue-generating activities.

There are simple and affordable cloud-based tools that can automate many parts of the marketing process.

There are tons of examples of automation in B2B marketing. Check your inbox and see if you can spot an email sequence after you signed up for an email list.

Social media is another place where marketing efforts are automated. The tools won’t write the posts for you, but they will schedule them at the best time for engagement.

Use Account-Based Marketing

Every company has the same problem — sales and marketing can never get on the same page. Sales says that marketing sends low-quality leads. Marketing says that sales can’t close the leads they generate.

Instead of battling each other, find a way to incorporate account-based marketing to get them to work together.

With account-based marketing, sales and marketing work together to identify the leads that are most likely to close. They will then work together to target each individual account.

They develop a plan to market to these companies and reach each stakeholder in the company. That becomes a highly focused way to increase the effectiveness of marketing and sales.

Tell a Story

Marketers are always told to tell a story. How can you do that in a tweet or a 30-second ad? Check out this B2B marketing example from Adobe.

The story was about helping businesses reshape the customer experience. The campaign helped marketers realize that every single touchpoint is part of the customer experience.

Adobe took the storytelling a step further by having industry experts tell the story. The best quotes of these stories are ready for tweeting, too. That would serve to amplify the most important messages.

That is much more effective than having Adobe tell the story themselves. That would only look like Adobe shouting at people to buy their products.

Content Marketing Works

Do you know what content marketing is? You might be thinking about having a blog, but content marketing is so much more than that.

Content marketing is every video, blog post, LinkedIn article, Medium article, email, and social media post to promote your brand.

Content marketing is all about driving the right kind of traffic to your website. The end result is that you’ll appear higher in search results, and get more traffic to your site. You’ll also increase brand awareness and build a community of loyal supporters.

You’ll want to make sure that your website is ready to handle that traffic.

Don’t Discount the Importance of Web Design

Do you know that people will decide to do business with your company in a matter of seconds? That’s based on the design of your website.

B2B website design needs to take into account a number of things. You need to focus on the needs of the businesses you seek to serve.

You also have to make sure that the design is simple, aesthetically pleasing, and loads quickly.

Use Paid Search Ads

Paid search ads are a great way to get in front of potential customers at the right time — when they’re looking for a solution. It’s a great way to get sales now while content marketing ramps up and builds momentum.

You’ll need to put yourself in the customers’ shoes to figure out what search terms they use to have the most effective campaigns. Do a search for cloud computing solutions. You’ll see plenty of examples of paid ads from Microsoft and other major brands.

You may not have the budget to compete against the big companies, but you can get creative about the search terms that you use.

For example, you can run a campaign for cloud computing consultants or cloud computing for accountants.

B2B Marketing Examples and Strategies

Big brands invest millions in B2B marketing. That’s why they often serve as great B2B marketing examples.

You don’t need to spend millions to increase sales. The strategies here help you align your messages with your customers’ needs. They also break down the walls between sales and marketing.

They’ll help you get results.

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