How to live in an RV?

Over the last couple years (2016-2019) the RV camping and full time RV living in the US has been on the rise, with over 50 000 new motor homes sold annually.

The majority of RV owners however didn’t start out with a hands-on experience of living in an RV. In fact this year the 30-35 y.o. actively working millennial RV owners have outmatched the 60+ year olds (who up until now were the dominant camping grounds’ population). 

So why living in an RV has suddenly become so popular?

Arguably the largest reason so many people change their stick & brick residences to motor homes is the ability to continue making money on the move and the general increased mobility of the society as a whole. And this is absolutely great! Cause in the end active RVing (and any lifestyle for that matter) is not about saving or smart budgeting – but about making enough money to keep rolling!

So the FIRST thing you need to think of when preparing to live on an RV – is be open with yourself on how you gonna make money while living off the wheels. And there is more than one way to go about it. 

Ideally you should possess some transferable skills that you can sell regardless of you location. And the first thing that comes to you mind (and rightly so) is the Internet.

Perhaps you have become proficient enough in a field of finance and investment (like I did in my pre-RV life) and now you can consult other businesses online? Or become a corporate instructor of the said subject – and teach your classes via the web-cam. Owning you own small online shop or providing services online is another popular source on income. As is professional writing, blogging or making cool videos that your YouTube community appreciates, letting you earn some extra buck on advertising.

But hang on a minute…. Surely all this IT and WEB business are dominated by said millennials, but how did so many previous generations or motor home dwellers make their living on the road?

Well, the same way you can still do it today! You can earn well enough to pay for all you costs by offering a hand at an odd jobs as you move through geography. Perhaps you are good with the camera – and can land a few days being a wedding photographer at this town you’ve just arrived in. Or maybe your previous experience allows you help locals with their plumbing? Or Babysitting? Or giving a 2-weeks course of yoga, or help fixing slow servers problem for a local business? 

Ask any seasoned RV traveller and they’ll tell you that there is never a lack of an odd job wherever you go in the US. All you need to do is just ask some people around – or dive into a Craig’s List.

The SECOND thing you’d need (and this is a more hands on one) is to pick a right rig (an RV, or a truck-trailer combo) that fits your bill and your needs. Now, it is generally considered wise NOT to go for a just-out-of-factory new shiny RV for a beginner. The reason is simple: an RV is a moving asset and it depreciates greatly in first couple of years.

So if after half-a-year of RVing you’d decide that this lifestyle is not something you want to keep on doing – you’ll find yourself loosing a third of that money if not more when selling it. On the opposite hand can sell the used motorhome at pretty much the same price tag you’ve purchased it for. And if you DO dig the road life – you’ll definitely want to try a new rig soon, that’ll fill your newly-acquired experiences.

Finally the THIRD thing that will greatly improve the quality of your RV life (over the first year of active RVing anyway) – is learning about all the nuts and crannies of this lifestyle. Thank God we have dozens of well-made videos on the YouTube and tons of quality articles on the Net (you can keep reading blog if you want to know more about an RVing, it’s quite informative!) that cover pretty much all aspects of living off the wheels.

So just relax and give it a thought! Living in an RV is indeed a real breather and a life-changing experience for tens of thousands of people year-to-year. Just follow the above three simple advises and soon you may find yourself in a world with double the experiences and a ⅓ the costs compared to your previous life!

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