A Brief Discussion Of A Brief Moment In A Christmas Episode Of ‘Home Improvement’

There are a lot of good Christmas episodes of television I could write about right now. The Office has done a bunch of them. I remember a really good The Mary Tyler Moore Show episode about the holiday. Oh, the excellent episodes of TV I could talk about right now. Instead, I’m going to write about an episode of Home Improvement I saw part of recently. You can’t stop me. It’s the holidays, and this is my Christmas wish.

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I’ve been watching chunks of Home Improvement episodes a lot recently. They show it on the Laff Channel all the time, and when I am watching network TV I will flip over to it during commercials or during halftime of various football games. I watched this show as a kid, and it always stuck out to me because I grew up in Detroit, and that’s where the show is set. Of course, now I realize Tim Allen is a problematic personality, but that doesn’t mean I can’t watch The Tool Man do his thing.

Is Home Improvement good? I can’t say that, but it’s better than you might think. That assumes you think it’s bad. I would say it’s mediocre to decent. There are jokes that genuinely make me laugh every once in a while. Allen does seem like he understands how to wring the most out of his Tool Man persona. In short, it’s a fine show to flip over to.

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Recently I saw part of a Christmas episode. I know it ends with a big dinner and forgiveness, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Prior to that, he has a weird dream/fantasy sequence about holiday movies. In this fantasy, he’s in a claymation winter wonderland a la the Rankin and Bass movies. He also is made of wood. So is Wilson. Wilson gives up his body to give people who need wood some wood. Tim, wanting to give all of himself for Christmas, as it’s the season for giving, does the same thing. Also, Al is a snowman. He picks up Tim’s wooden head and shoots it into the box of donations.

It was super weird. I laughed at it, but not in the way they intended. It was just so delightfully goofy, especially Al as a snowman. In the end Tim does learn forgiveness or whatever. I wish he had spent more time as a wood man in a claymation movie, though.

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