Tips for Using Your Phone Abroad

Traveling is a best time where you can take the break from technology, however, sometimes you only need to get the fix. Such reservations will not make themselves, will they? Whereas you have to visit your cellular provider to ask them and turn on the overseas roaming control rates, it is not an only way for you to fly. Before boarding on your plane, check out some essential tips to use your phone overseas. Bon Voyage!

  1. Get International SIM Card

You need to take this as the top priority. Obviously, your phone number can change, but other things stays intact. There are some companies that can allow you to buy the SIM API card before departure. Nevertheless, pay-you-go services generally are much cheaper than the international plans from the local provider. We suggest doing a little research before you hop on a plane. Know about your local carriers and find out the best plan on offer. Find the store located close to your accommodated location—this can even be the corner store kind of place. Finally, you need to determine what you will need to acquire this card as a few countries may just see your passport; but others, like Italy, Germany, and India, may need proof of residence.

  1. Buy Roaming Bundle

Even though this depends on your mobile phone plan, there are a lot of networks provide international roaming control bundles to buy at one-off or everyday cost for duration of the trip. Suppose you are going away only for the short stint, it can be worth to look at the different options that are offered by the phone company – and many are bundles, which offer some amount of minutes, data and texts daily to use your mobile phone abroad, and in that way you will stick to using the normal phone & SIM card. These will be very expensive, so might not suit each traveler.

Buy A SIM Card Immediately

If you are travelling to a country instead of multiple countries or think you will have to use your mobile phone quite a lot when you are away, buying the local SIM card at your destination probably is a best option. It is generally very simple to take one–lots of international airports now have stands and vending machines that are selling them while you come over the arrivals, and one can often pick it up in the supermarkets, shops or corner stores. Having the local number means you can contact people you are travelling with and visiting at the local rates. But, it is very important to know that you will have different number, so you will have to let your people back at home to save your new number. There’re a few companies for mobile engagement allow you order the local SIM card even before you travel that will help to put your mind on rest if you do not want to rely in buying one while you arrive.

Get an Adapter

Always remember that if you are using your mobile phone abroad, you have to charge it! Suppose you are not very sure which adapter to buy or you are going to different countries and want different adapters for all of them, it is worth buying the universal travel adapter. In that way, doesn’t matter where you are traveling, you can still plug in & charge your phone without bringing many adapters. Check out the voltage of country you are visiting to ensure your device work or you will need the converter.

Buy Portable Battery Pack

They come super handy if you are on a go and do not know when you will charge the phone. They also come in different sizes and shapes, thus it is worth doing a little research and see which one suits your requirements. Some can fit into your pocket as well as are perfect if you want top up, while others are bigger and can last you many days on an end of charging. So, whatever you select, these are the good investment when you are travelling.


With a bit of preparation, heading aboard with your phone does not need to be the difficult and expensive proposition. So, have fun!

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