Why Organizing a Hens Party Is Important for a Bride

Bachelorette parties were modeled after the old all-time bachelor parties/stag parties which traditionally, is a dinner or treatment given to the bridegroom-to-be by his friends shortly before the wedding occurred. It was until just about 60 years ago that real dinners were held for the bride-to-be as they were for the groom.

Therefore, the name hen party had never been used till this time. A lot of changes have occurred since this time. For instance, these events came to be known for booze and having fun with male strippers for parties and events as the last celebration of singlehood. However, these parties nowadays are majorly used to celebrate the journey of the bride-to-be into marriage.

As those that have it see it as a big day to them, some question the need to have them in the first place, they argue, since these parties have just become about night craziness, why then should they have them? That is why this article delves into this issue to see just how vital is a hen party.

  1. Ideally, your wedding should be all about you and your partner, but understandably, that is not always how it plays out. A lot of times, tradition and the wishes of others tend to get in the way of what you want, and you may end up making sacrifices. However, your hen party is truly all about you. There are absolutely no rules and guiding principles for hen’s night out parties you are your rules (and maybe hotel rules where you are holding your party), so do whatever it is that you want to do including those naughty games and activities you promised yourself you will do during your single days. If you feel like letting loose, head to the strip club or bars. If that’s not your style, opt for something different – a spa day, or group adventures like hiking or skydiving. You’re in charge, so take this opportunity and live your dream day. You are guaranteed a good time and will not regret it.

  2. Because this day is entirely catered to you, it’s the literally best stress relievers you could ask for. As much as it can seem like it only adds to the wedding madness, but it actually does the exact opposite. Take your mind off the stress for a night; let your girls know what you want, and have them take care of the rest. All you have to do is enjoy your day!

  3. The next few weeks will be all about you and your new partner, so take this time to enjoy the other important people in your life. Your friends and family will love getting to celebrating you before the big day. Feeling disconnected from a friend or want to get to know your (almost) sister-in-law better? Your hen party is an excellent opportunity! There are tons of valuable memories to be made and experiences to be shared, so don’t doubt the magic of a good bachelorette party, check out an entertainment specialist like entertainment specialist to help you organize your event and It will definitely be an event you will not want to miss out on.

  4. Some people believe that having a hen party symbolizes the excitement of getting married, and most find it hard since others do not get married. As you get into this beautiful new journey into the doctrine of marriage. It is also fair that you celebrate the life you had before it, you have absolutely no reason not to give yourself a proper send-off by celebrating with them for the last time. Therefore, it serves as an appropriate goodbye to your friends.

  5. The excitement of getting married does not fade when you have a hen’s party. Therefore, you can honor your past life before you get into a new commitment to life because things will never be like before again. Therefore, take time to reminisce and reflect on the experiences you have had before, and there is no better way to do this unless you are doing it with your family or friends. Story sharing can be entertaining hence making it meaningful and fun.

  6. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but we can’t think of anything more fun than your own bachelorette party. A night celebrated precisely how you want, with your best of friends…come on. It would be sad if you missed out on this.

  7. In the heat of wedding madness, it’s easy to assume that you won’t care about opting out of a hen party, or that you’ll save yourself the stress. However, here’s a reminder that the stress is temporary, but regret is not always. You are going to want to look back on the fantastic memories that we guarantee will be created at your hen’s night out party – whether you know it now or not. So, save yourself from future regret and get excited about your bachelorette weekend party.

  8. You also do not want to miss on those an opportunity to actually live those crazy ideas you have had. Since this is the “climax” of your single life, do not wait till in marriage to start fixing your friends and family on the weekend out. Some people might not be really “happy” with it.

The Bottom Line

If a hen party is just one of those things which you do not really want or need, then you do not have to arrange for it, in theory, it may save you a fortune. But, at the expense of so much that has been highlighted above. Therefore, you should not dismiss the idea before you give it much of thought the fact that you and other brides-to-be out there need to celebrate your old life and the friendships and the good life you have lived as a single being.

Your celebration is your idea, you don’t really have to conform to the norms and dos and don’ts of many other hen parties out there, the key to this event should be honoring yourself and your closest friends and family.

Having an intention, plan, and strategy for your hen party will make it much fun than just going in to do it conventionally. You want the party to be with meaning, memorable and most importantly enjoyable.

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