What makes laser hair removal treatment so much popular?

Men and women of all ages are taking much interest in laser hair removal. It is the only way for getting rid of unwanted hair for many more years than possible with the traditional methods of waxing and shaving. The biggest problem with shaving and waxing is that although it gives a clean look immediately after completing the procedure, it does not last long as hair starts growing again. Waxing does remove hair from the root but cannot prevent it from growing again, even though it might take some weeks to grow. But waxing is a painful process. To address the issue of hair growing again after removal, people are choosing Blue Divine Atlanta laser hair removal, which despite not assuring permanent stoppage of hair growth, delays it considerably.

Vanishing hair

Minimizing hair growth by damaging hair follicles with the help of laser beams is the principle of laser hair removal treatment that has grown very fast in popularity since it obtained FDA approval in 1995.  The laser beam detects the hair and reaches the pigments in the follicle to generate heat for destroying the hair growth center and thereby decelerating growth. After repeated sessions of treatment, the growth rate keeps diminishing and finally stops growing altogether. After a few sessions, you will realize the effects of the treatment and will know that the time has come to throw away the razor and waxing strips.

Do it anywhere

Waxing and shaving have limited options in effectively covering all parts of the body, especially the delicate areas, and it is not easy to ensure complete coverage.  This problem does not arise with the laser hair removal procedure. It can be applied on any part of the body from the face to underarms, legs, back, stomach, bikini line, etc.  Whichever part of the body you choose for the treatment, the results will be the same, provided you have the patience of completing the lengthy treatment that could take between 9-12 months for completion.

The level of comfort

It will be incorrect to say that laser hair removal treatment is comfortable. But it is neither as uncomfortable as waxing, which is painful too nor as comfortable as shaving. Despite being painless, it may sometimes cause itching, bruises, and cuts if you are negligent. There is some discomfort that people experience when undergoing the treatment, but it is not so much that one can complain about it. It is far more bearable than waxing even if not as comfortable as shaving.


If you add the cost of buying razors, creams, and waxing materials throughout your life and assign a value to the time spent for hair removal, then it appears that spending about $200 to $400 per session for laser hair removal treatment is well worth it.

Although the investment might be high as you must shell out the cash in just a year, you have the satisfaction of enhancing your beauty, which is more valuable to you. If you have fair skin with dark hair color, you can expect the best results from the treatment.

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