Top Female Plastic Surgeon for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Sheds Light into the Growing Popularity of the Body Improvement Procedures

Cultural influences are evident in the way we look upon our bodies, and it is not at all surprising that body positivity, fat activism, and size acceptance are part of the cultural lexicon today. However, people are still heavily falling back on plastic surgery that can help to reshape your body contours in the way you want. From Rhinoplasty or nose augmentation to breast resizing and a whole range of reconstructive options, plastic surgery is growing in popularity, which is now within reach of the common man.

There has been an overall increase in all plastic surgery procedures with liposuction that helps to reduce excess body fat experiencing the highest growth, followed by breast augmentation. There has not been any change in the number of procedures of nose reshaping, tummy tuck, and eyelid surgery. Body sculpting procedures like buttock augmentations carried out by the experts at that can reshape the buttocks and thighs to create a shapely and attractive body is also on the rise.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons that contribute to the growing popularity of plastic surgery.

More screen appearance

The impact of social media is the biggest influence behind the rise in the popularity of plastic surgery.  As people are showing themselves up much more across social media, the urge to maintain beautiful bodies that enhance the looks is pushing people to create nearly perfect bodies. Pictures used to be between far and few with only occasions like birthdays and some special events allowing people to face the camera. Now, people are capturing every moment of their lives and spreading it far and wide across the social media platform. Hence, they are more sensitive to how they look, and the desire to be at their best always is driving more and more people towards plastic surgery.

Greater acceptance

Plastic surgery has more acceptance today as people who undergo the procedure are sharing photos of procedure on the social media that is creating more awareness about it. People know better about the procedures and gather more authentic information that makes them confident of undergoing surgery, which is pushing up the popularity. The desire for self-improvement is spreading like wildfire, and more people are shedding their inhibitions and going under the knife to improve their appearance.

Technological advancement

Procedures for plastic surgery have improved a lot by embracing technological advancement in the field.  Doctors are using much-improved procedures and instruments to ensure that they perform better and safe procedures that are completely reliable. Besides, non-invasive techniques like laser treatments are widening the scope of body reconstruction by using plastic surgery. Similarly, the monopoly of Botox has now come to an end with three more procedures added to the category.


Celebrities and the elite were the patrons of plastic surgery because of its expensive cost. Things have changed with time, and today plastic surgery procedures have become much more affordable. Regaining physical appearance is now within reach of the working professional or housewife, which was not thinkable about 10 years ago.

Improving self-confidence is also a motivation for people choosing plastic surgery.

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