Negative Local Reviews Got You Going Loco? 5 Tips For Drowning Out Bad Local Reviews of Your Business Online

Ninety percent of consumers scan internet based reviews to make decisions about businesses. Local online reviews impact 67.7 percent of purchasing decisions, and 74 percent of consumers “trust” companies with a good local business review.

And as we know, trust is crucial to making a sale.

But what if your local reviews are seriously awful? You don’t have to throw in the towel and start looking for a bankruptcy attorney. But you do need to get proactive. And we mean NOW.

Keep reading to learn how to turn around your online business reviews and ramp up sales.

Spoil Your Customers Rotten

Remember the adage, “Happy life, happy wife?” Although it doesn’t rhyme, you could apply this to the business world: “Happy customer, happy business owner.”

From this moment forward, commit to meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations.

Where to start? Identify happy customers, and keep them that way.

Also, remain aware of those who seem unhappy or underwhelmed. Then, work to change their minds through superior customer service and a conscientious focus on their individual needs.

Always be ready and willing to accept feedback, and use satisfaction surveys and calls to check-in with customers. That way, you keep the lines of communication open and everybody elated.

Choose Review Sites Carefully

It’s also important to understand that not all review sites are created equal. Each industry has sites that carry more weight. So, you’ll want to identify what those are for your industry and then focus on them.

Once you’ve honed in on the best review sites for your industry, it’s time to search your company’s name. Should you find a high number of poor reviews, then you need to focus on this site and counteracting these reviews with new ones.

You also need to respond to bad reviews. This step is critical to making over your company’s public image, but it’s not necessarily an easy one. Fortunately, this article provides you with tools to streamline the process.

As you create happy, satisfied customers moving forward, you’ll want to send them to this site to contribute a positive review. Over time, you’ll tip the scale back in your direction.

Of course, before you begin sending customers to any review sites, make sure that your company profiles are updated. Otherwise, outdated or old information might confuse or even deter them from posting on your behalf.

Reward Customers for Positive Local Reviews

Last but not least, consider ways to entice customers into reviewing your company online. Often, all it takes is verbally asking. Or, making it so easy that they have no excuse not to review your company.

For example, include a web page with links to the review sites you’d like them to visit. Or, hand out flyers or business cards with review site information.

You now have the tools you need to begin effectively managing your company’s online reputation and accruing positive local reviews. And you’ll be amazed by what a difference this makes for your brand’s bottom line.

Ready for more information to help you improve your company’s online reputation? Or, perhaps you’re looking for ways to increase your revenues?

We’ve got you covered. Browse our blog now for the news and tips you need to ramp up ROI and revitalize your company’s online presence.

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