How Music Can Make Our Life Better

Mankind has several ways to express to other people what we think and how we feel. Of all these ways, perhaps music is most effective to do so.  

Music is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Unlike words which we can only use vocabulary and sentences to communicate our ideas, music also has one powerful element that helps others understand what is going on inside our mind: rhythm. 

When we have been through lots of critical events in our life and words can’t seem to be able to share our feelings, music is one of the most effective forms of communications. 

Selena Gomez is one of the prime examples of people who use music to describe her feelings as well as what is happening in her life. Recently, the music industry has recently witnessed her incredible comeback with a song called “Lose you to love me”.

Selena – A Strong Woman That Has Gone Through Lots of Hardships

If you have caught up with news frequently, you would know that she ended her relationships with The Weeknd not long after Revival. Then her relationship with Justin Bieber also ended, followed by a wedding between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. 

Then we could not fail to mention her kidney transplant from her dearest friend – Francia Raisa. 

From the viewpoint of someone who follows her frequently on social media, it seems that she has been going through lots of tough things. 

At this point, we will not discuss anything regarding her song yet, instead, we only start with Selena. Looking at what she has been through, I’m pretty sure that we have a lot to learn from her. She has every choice to give up everything that  happened in her life, yet she chose to be strong and get over it. And she did. 

“Lose You to Love Me” – a Song That We All Need to Listen to

“Lose you to love me” is a song that encourages people to be brave and get out of unhealthy relationship to love themselves more. We all have to go through relationship failures sometimes, and so does Selena. This time, she has been incredibly honest to open up about her emotions, feelings, and thoughts after a long time full of ups and downs. 

Her new song – “Lose you to love me” has received positive feedback from all over the world.

The thing that makes us keep listening to her song is partly there are no hip hop beats or reputable producers or collaboration with any famous artists. She’s on her own, singing her own song about her own feelings. It’s just her telling a story that she has been through. 

Selena used to share that this song “Lose you to love me” was actually inspired by many different things that have come into her life. She wanted to use the song to inspire people to have hope and be a better and stronger version of themselves. 

“Lose you to love me” is a pop-ballad song. From the title, we know that this song is definitely not a happy song that will cheer us up every morning. As it is a reflection of every piece of emotions that Selena has gone through, it definitely saddens us each time we listen. 

This song describes a woman who cares about her partner much more than herself and in the end, she chose to do otherwise. With all the scars in her heart, she is still able to be strong and bounce back, so why can’t we? 

Music – an Incredible Thing That Helps Us Go Through a Hard Time 

When dealing with adversity, it’s very normal to get a feeling that nobody has ever gone through something like we have. We feel lonely, lost and depressed. And one of the only things that can make it better is for us to be heard. Through music. 

Music makes our life more meaningful

In rough times, words alone are never enough to let out what we are trying to hold inside. Music allows others to feel the same feelings as we do even though they may not understand our language. 

Music is a thing that helps Selena, as well as other singers and songwriters all over the world, communicate with millions of people out there how they are feeling. Not just in words, but in music. It is safe to say that music is such an amazing gift human beings are granted with.

As music plays such an important role in our life, there are many people out there who are very keen on learning how to play instruments and writing music. But the fact that they have to start from zero has discouraged many people from joining the field. 

Perhaps you start in the wrong way. Why not starting with the easy thing first? For example, why not take a look at the entry level digital piano before jumping right into professional pianos that require a whole different skill set?

It may take time, but good things always take time, right? When going through hard times, perhaps music is one of the most effective ways for us to bounce back and be stronger next time, just like how Selena bounced back. 

Let’s Wrap It Up, 

Selena has been very strong until this point in her life. She uses her vulnerability to inspire other people about being brave and hopeful. “Lose you to love me” is such a great song that leaves us lots of thoughts afterward. 

From that, we also realize the power of music in our life. Music helps us understand people and what is happening to them better. If you have not played any instrument before, perhaps trying this new thing is a great way to refresh your life. 

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