INTERVIEW: Koosh Saxena

Tell us about your track  “Tide” – what is it about?

“Tide” is about learning to love and believe in yourself even when it feels like you don’t have what it takes to overcome the obstacles you are currently facing in life. Most people don’t appreciate and love themselves in the present moment because what they’re really interested in is the next moment. They feel that the next moment is always more important than the present moment which makes living hard. I hope when people listen to “Tide’ they learn to celebrate and love exactly who they are and where they’re at in their journey.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write the track?

The event that inspired this track was me leaving my previous band, Little Envy. This was actually the first song I wrote for my solo project and it eventually inspired me to write an entire record.

How was the filming process to create the behind the scenes style video?

With the help of a friend, I decided to film most of the entire month that I spent in the studio. I didn’t have a formal plan for the footage, but I knew I would need it down the line. Once the tracks were finished, I realized that “Tide” was the track that fully encompassed the sound and groove I was going for with the entire album and dedicated the footage to that track.

The track comes off your EP Sail With Me – what’s the story behind the title, why did you decide to release an EP which was also the name of a track on it?

The story behind the title “Sail With Me” is two fold. It’s a literal invitation to listen to my tracks in addition to letting the listener know that I’m on a journey that I want them to go on with me. Ever since I was young, all I’ve ever wanted to do was play music, but I’ve always been lured away by financial incentives. The song is about being willing to put everything on the line and take a risk, and being confident that it’s the right decision. 

How was the recording and writing process – did you collaborate with anyone? What were the highs and lows of the creative process?

I didn’t collaborate with anyone for these tracks. This is the first time where I knew exactly what I wanted to hear on each track and I went into the studio with almost everything written — guitar, vocals, bass, drums, trumpets and keyboard.

Does the EP serve as an introduction to your debut album and when it is it due to drop?

Yes, my debut album is due to drop in the summer of 2020.

What role does Capitola play in your music?

My music is definitely ocean and beach inspired. Having recently become an avid surfer, I can honestly say that nothing makes me happier than being out in the ocean catching waves. Being able to walk every morning and see the ocean helps keep me calm, focused and motivated to write new material.

Where do you find the inspiration as a singer-songwriter?

I find inspiration from challenge. The challenge always varies, just like each song. A recurring theme in the EP is fear of failure. For a long time I’ve chosen my life path out of fear of failure, disguised as practicality, because what I wanted felt so out of reach.

Do you have any plans to hit the road in 2020 and take Koosh Saxena further afield?

Yes, I plan to hit the road in 2020!

What is happening next for you as a new artist?

Next, I will be releasing a handful of music videos, dropping a full-length record and playing shows. Get ready 🙂



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