Twizm Whyte Piece: “Dreams to Reality”

Congratulations to indie Hip-Hop sensation, Twizm Whyte Piece on the release of his new album, “Dreams to Reality.” Living his dream after escaping from a nightmare, his name symbolizes, T.he W.orld IZ M.ine, and it very well might be. Born Alexander Sanders in Page Arizona, TWP as he’s also known is a multi-award winning artist and performer who is also the CEO of the ridiculously popular radio station, Fat Cat Radio.

The father of 5 children ranging from ages 6-16, Twizm Whyte Piece was forced to relocate himself and his family after a drive-by shooting endangered his family. Twizm’s choices weren’t always noble as he became involved with drugs, gangs, and guns. After the nightmare he was able to begin a new chapter of his life, and this is his story….

One of your very cool tracks is the inspirational “Big Dreams”, how long have you had that dream?

I’ve had that dream for as long as I can remember, ever since I was little and I heard Warren G and “Regulate.” I would recite the words to that back then. “Big Dreams” is actually a song off of my last album and the new single from “Dreams to Reality”  is called “Ice Cream.”

What inspired “Ice Cream?”

OMG don’t you want refreshing music? I am tired of hip-hop being the same, so I figured I’m creative, I’m refreshing, and this is my proof to the world that hip-hop is good. It doesn’t have to be the same old hip-hop song. It’s meant to be refreshing, addictive and gives everybody from ages 6 to 600 a feel good song. Everybody likes ice cream.

What is your favorite ice cream?

Vanilla Caramel. I like vanilla with the caramel, not the syrup stuff, but they have this actual vanilla ice cream that has this line of Caramel that just goes through it. It’s top-notch. It makes a good ice cream mixed with rum drink. It’s absolutely great.

You are originally from Arizona, what made you relocate to Toronto?

My wife is from here and my oldest daughter was born here. After everything that happened to us a couple of years ago with the drive-by shootings and the gang things, we decided that in order to protect our children from anything worse happening we had to leave the area. We had to change our people, places and things. So, we went back to what is considered her home and now we live here in a quiet little boring ass neighborhood.

What about the drive-bys and gang scenes?

In 2013 I lived a very different lifestyle. So far opposite that it was a 360 difference. I was selling drugs, I was selling guns, I was getting into gang fights. I lost six friends in the span of six weeks. It was a murder every weekend. You could set your clock to the murders happening in my neighborhood. Being that I was the only white guy it was kind of a singularity, and they always knew it was me. Halloween night will be the sixth year since the occurrence of this drive by. We were out trick-or-treating, and we brought the kids back home. I sat outside on my porch smoking some weed with my next-door neighbor who happened to be the king of the block. There was this car that pulled up and started shooting at us with an AK-47. My house looked like Swiss cheese, with bullet holes everywhere. My wife, who didn’t get hit by a bullet, in dodging the bullet, she fell on the fence. She was pregnant with our son at 4 1/2 months. She hit the fence and it caused her amniotic fluid to break and they had to do an emergency cesarean section. He was born on November 1 at 4 1/2 months and had to stay in the hospital for almost 5 months. That’s how my Halloween went 6 years ago. That’s when we decided that we couldn’t live like that, it just was too much. I didn’t sleep for three days. I took my kids to school while I was picking up the glass and cleaning up the blood because my friend did get hit by a bullet. I had to clean up the blood, so my kids didn’t come home and see it. It was crazy. But we are at a different time now and I think whatever higher power intervened, I thank it for shining its face upon me, and giving me a second chance. Because I value that so much I am completely changed. I am not ever going to be who or what I was. In fact, I am going to try and help other people understand they have the choice inside of them to be better. They don’t have to remain who or what they are. You just have to find that one thing…. for me it was the safety of my family. For somebody else it might be success, or a loved one, whatever….

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

In 5 years I hope to be professional, living my dream to the fullest,….you know what…. I’ll tell it like this. I hope to see my wife on a gondola going down the Venice canal. I hope that every one of my children are getting a good education. I hope to be knowing what it is to live a real life instead of this crap life. I just wish success for everybody, and I hope that I’m professionally living my job. I would really love to be the next superstar. Not only can I handle the weight on my shoulders, I mean I’ve got five kids and I’m married 18 years. I know what commitment is. I think it’s time for a refreshing image in music and in hip-hop and I can do that. I’ve got the background to do it and I’ve got the purity of heart. I really want to do this, I really want to help people. I just really want to see a change for the better. If I can be that person, then so be it. And I hope that I do it right. I hope that I can show love to the world with everybody else instead of 18 minutes of hate every time we open our mouths. I can’t see any more evil in the world. I’ve done enough, I’ve been around enough, I’ve watched enough, I don’t wanna see anymore. So, I’m going to be your beacon of change.

If you could have your ultimate stage fantasy what would you want to happen?

My God I just want to rock out a crowd. A real crowd. I’m talking about 60, 70, 100,000 people. Put me in front of the biggest audience that you think you could throw at me and I’m going to rock out. I am a performer by heart. I love to be in those bright lights, and I love the heat, and I love the roar of the crowd. That’s where I belong. That is my heaven.

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