Checklist for Hiking

Going for hiking is an exciting thing to explore the beauty of nature with family and friends. After the daily grind of work, it is necessary to take a break and go for hiking to recharge your energy. It helps keep you fit. You can have a rich and safe hiking with experienced sources like Hikematic. Whether you are staying close to home or going to a hill station for hiking there are some important things you must keep with you.

  • Bag pack
  • Hiking boots
  • Navigation tools
  • Water
  • Food
  • First aid kit
  • Trekking Poles

How to use these things:

Bag Pack:

It is the most important thing for hiking as you must put your things to be taken in it. your bag pack must be of good material to hold heavy stuff like water bottles. it should have plenty of pockets to put small things like knife rope and dagger. A double zipper top daypack would be good enough for hiking. Especially while you are hiking with kids.


Your clothing should be according to the weather. It also depends on the number of days you are going for hiking. First, consider the forecast. For a changing weather try to pack some extra clothes to stand it. To protect yourself from sun, burn and ultraviolet radiations put some sunblock. You can choose Joggers boots or trail runners for footwear as these shoes are a good choice for hiking.

Navigation Tools:  

These tools are necessary for directions. you must have a compass needle or a map while going for hiking. It is because if you are in a mountain area or in a forest you may face issues of weak signals.

Photography Camera:

While going out for hiking, a high quality photography camera is also necessary to capture the best scenes you want to save. These beautiful scenes become unforgettable if they are captured properly. On returning from the hiking trip, you would like to share the photos with your friends and other family members. However, for capturing the great scenes requires a great mastery and expertise. If you are not expert in photography especially hiking photography, you are unable to get great photos. In such cases, you should take the service of some expert photographer. For this purpose, Dave Spates, a name in hiking photography can serve you. He will guide you and capture amazing mountains and landscape photographs for you.

Food and Water:

To regain your energy during hiking food and water is important. you should take enough water with you because hiking demands a continuous movement of your body. and if you don’t take enough intake of water you will face dehydration.  If you alone are going, then 2 to 3 water bottles will be enough for a day hike.

Mostly Canned food and deep-freeze food are preferred for hiking. but energy food is way better than this as your body and mind require it during hiking. You can bring chocolates and energy drinks with you to recharge your energy. Some people like to bring cake and sandwiches, biscuits and chips and some dry fruits. Besides these things, you must bring caffeine as it provides you with an extra energy boost. Check out this article from HikingDiary for the best hiking boots under $100.

First Aid Kit:

While you are out for hiking first aid kit is a must. It is because during hiking it is a common thing to get slight injuries. what first aid kit you should opt for depends on the number of people going for an outing. Some kits have more bandages and ointments to serve for several people for a day hike or so. size of kit also matters as it must fit in your bag pack. you can also make your own first-aid kit. your first aid box should contain anti-bacterial ointments, antiseptic wipes, butterfly bandages, gauze pads, cotton, medical adhesive tape, safety pins, scissors, and first aid manual.

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