What Can VPN Hide?

When it comes to making online transactions or searching for information online, security is key. Plus, the internet is comprised of different types of scammers who are ready to prey on your personal information. This makes internet/online privacy a key global concern. Each day, more people get conned or scammed. So, how are you going to stay safe online? It isn’t that simple. It involves a lot of measures. And that’s where VPN comes in. Also known as a virtual private network, VPN can help hide your data—making all your browsing activities private and secure.

Understanding IP Address

Regarded as the unique address of your computer to the internet, IP addresses can be monitored by other people who are out to steal your data. This means that people can link all your activities to your IP address. What does this mean? It means that your private information isn’t safe and secure. Plus, you don’t know who is monitoring you. So, your searches, web visits, and even social media activity might end up in the hands of the wrong people—including hackers, unprofessional marketers, etc. Luckily, you can stay safe with the VPN. With VPN, you can prevent anybody—including hackers, marketers, and search engines—from tracking your online activities.

VPN works by masking your IP address. It then uses the private and incognito of your computer to boost your privacy online. The good thing is that VPN doesn’t track your activities. It masks your IP address from being tracked.

Hiding Your Geographic Location

VPN services are powerful at offering you different gateway servers globally. This allows users to spoof their IP addresses and locations. This is particularly important for those who want to get access to geo-restricted content like Netflix movies, VOIP based services, as well as government restricted websites.

Even more, users can use IP spoofing in an attempt to secure lower prices—especially when it comes to airline tickets, hotel deals, etc. All you need to do is to log into different VPN services for different countries—you will be surprised how prices defer based on location.

Hiding Personal Data

Personal data should stay personal and confidential. Without a VPN service, other parties will access your personal data and even steal or manipulate it. Of course, public Wi-Fi hotspots are convenient. However, they are packed with serious security-related risks. Hackers understand that new users are unaware of these risks. So, they might access or steal your personal information. Even worse, they might distribute malware. What does this mean? It means that your logins, passwords, as well as eavesdrop—when it comes to your personal communication—are at risk. No wonder may people complain that their bank accounts or social media accounts have been hacked and information or money was stolen. Is this what you want? No. Then why not deal with these hackers once and for all with a genuine VPN service. With a VPN service, you have a server that can create a hidden tunnel—even if it’s over unsecured networks or public hotspots—and keep you super safe. Thus, your sensitive information will be kept private—which gives you the confidence you need to stay online and look for any information you desire. Moreover, VPN uses data encapsulation as well as encryption to create hidden tunnels. So, whether you are in a hotel, café, airport, or college—you can use a public Wi-Fi hotspot with confidence. For more information on how VPN can hide your location, check out this site.

Hiding Your Web Browsing

You thought that deleting all your browsing history as well as cookies will keep your browsing history private? Think again. After deleting, it will be open to those who want to steal it and use it for their own personal gains. Parties like search engines, nosy marketers, and internet service providers can access it at ease. They get this information by tracking your IP address.  However, VPN can be used to mask your IP address—keeping your browsing history private.

Hiding Torrenting

Media companies are getting into torrent traffic when it comes to networks that promote peer-to-peer file sharing. At times, they might masquerade as those who share files and eavesdrop on that ISP signal of yours. This means that you might be monitored on possible copyright violations. This can lead to warnings and possible hefty fines. And that’s where VPN comes in. If you love torrenting, then consider going for VPN. It will make all your torrenting activities private. Look for a reputable VPN server. Also, consider a provider with fast speeds and the best encryption protocols.

Hiding Your Identity on All Social Media Platforms

Do you actively comment on social mafia? Well, people—including hackers—might be interested in peeping into your information. Use a VPN to hide your identity and make all your social media activities secure and private. Keep all your comments or options anonymous with a VPN. VPN masks your IP address—giving them a hard time tracking your activities.

Hiding Your Spending Habits

People have different spending habits—especially when it comes to online purchases. This information says a lot about people’s personal lives. Remember, your personal life should be private. However, without a VPN, it’s open to third parties. The private tunnels created by VPN protects other people from tracking your spending habits.

Hiding Your Mobile Phone Activities

The use of mobile phones is skyrocketing. More people are accessing information online using mobile phones. Thus, marketers, search engines, and hackers are turning their attention to mobile phones. They will do anything to access your personal information. Luckily, this shouldn’t continue anymore. With VPN, you can mask your phone address—preventing anybody from accessing your information. Things like your location, IP address, as well as activities will be private to you.

The Bottom-Line

When it comes to online searches, nothing takes center stage quite like privacy. Without privacy, your online movement can be tracked by parties like search engines, marketers, and even hackers. This puts your private information at risk. So, don’t wait for your information to be stolen. Use a VPN to make your online activity private. The above information contains all you should know concerning how VPN can make your online activity. 

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