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What are С-level executive skills the most essential for companies? What has changed over the past decade, and what will change in the next? To find out, we interviewed several professional supervisors who manage huge companies for several years and remain popular in the labour market. Our central question was – how they achieved such career success and what qualities they developed? Also, we asked about the best executive resume writers and how often the resume should be updated. As a result, we managed to find out 6 skills or character traits that are most valued by high-level companies.

Leadership Abilities

Leadership skills are considered absolutely necessary for all senior executives (not only for the CEOs).

The head of the information department described his latest job searches: “Previously, special knowledge would have come first, but now more attention is paid to leadership skills than to technical ones.” 

A true С-level executive is a confident person, a leader who can quickly make decisions in matters of any complexity.Only the person who is able to apply several varieties of leadership can achieve success in this industry. It can be an inspiring leadership, responsible, non-authoritarian, or strategic. In other words, the senior manager always needs to feel what kind of leadership will be most effective in leading his/her company.

Sun Tzu (孙子) compared the ideal executive to the fire – it is impossible to getcloser to him, but he still attracts people. He knows how to be interesting for all employees/colleges and possesses magical charisma.

Strategic Management

All the executives we interviewed identified “strategic foresight, the ability to think strategically and globally – are very important.” 

This competency is valued today as never before. It manifests in a non-standard approach to solving problems, a tendency to decomposition, forecasting. The high-level manages always know how to navigate and adapt to a changing situation, introduce new techniques, approaches, generate innovative ideas.

A competent administrator cannot afford to plan approximately. He/she must be able to adequately assess the current situation, set long-term goals, and know how to reach these goals.

One of the executives noted that it is essential to have “specific knowledge and skills for the particular industry in order to create and apply the company /agency’s strategy.”

Ability to Manage the Team

“A world-class executive must assemble a team that is exceptionally strong in leadership qualities and take it further. Nobody wins alone,” said the head of the restaurant holding company in Las Vegas.

Creating a competent team of different personalities, perfectly distributing roles, and motivating subordinates are far from easy. There are no established rules and patterns, and you will never learn such skills at a university or business school. The only possible options are colossal work experience and endless networking.

Top managers learn to recognize the motives of people’s behaviour, understand the characteristics of interpersonal relationships, and determine the team’s motion vector.

“The managers don’t sit out in the cabinets anymore,” said chief executive of one popular gas station in LA. “We must be team-oriented, multitask, lead without ranks and regalia, withstand stress, take care of all subordinates, and all this with a broad smile on the face, staying in the open to everyone’s office.”

Segregation of Duties and Best Executive Resume Writers

It is a significant and most understandable part of administrative work. And one of the reasons for overloading is improperly distributed responsibilities. Each employee must clearly know what and when he/she needs to accomplish. Not coping with this task, many top managers completely forget about personal life and essential relaxation.

Each high-level administrator knows that everyone should fulfil the tasks of a narrow profile. For example, the finance department should not take on the functions of marketers; the copywriter should not engage in contextual advertising, etc.

C-level executive of the international IT company shared the advice – “When I am looking for a new job, I always use the services of best executive resume writers. I value my time too much and am used to allocating responsibilities correctly. Let the professionals write perfect documents because they will definitely do it better than me.”

Group Of Business People Having Board Meeting Around Glass Table

Ability to Establish Business Relations and Negotiate

To own a word means to control the situation. Business ideas and large corporations are always created with the support of others. None of the companies can exist autonomously, and the C-level executives are responsible for the formation and development of relations with partners and the public.

Finding resources, negotiating a deal, and gaining support are top management tasks that mostly solved by strong business relationships and the ability to uphold the interests of the agency during negotiations.

“If the executive knows how to control his/her emotions, negotiate, listen to his/her opponent, he/she will 100% achieve fantastic heights in the career” – confidently said one of the former top managers of Silicon Valley.

Financial Knowledge

Each year, the number of commercial companies’ statements is growing in proportion to the growth of its development. Often, global companies lack financial accuracy. So, C-level executive assumes strategic, cross-functional, and operational financial responsibilities. Of course, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) usually lay on the employees, but any supervisor should understand how this works.

One of our respected interviewees clarified – “If you want something done well, you have to figure it out yourself. The ability to masterfully manage people, in this case, is not enough. It’s not necessary to be a mathematician but to be a high-class manager, you need to have financial experience and a good understanding of reporting.” 

Due to rapid changes in the market and its saturation by specialists of different levels, we can observe the specific evolution of the top manager’s competencies. More complex tasks require non-standard managerial decisions and accurate analysis. Therefore, today, the selection for a С-level administrator position puts forward more demands for professional skills than it was a few years ago. And with every year, the requirements will only grow.

Best executive resume writers is a great way to save time and energy. To achieve real professional heights, you should focus on skills development. It may even be better to set aside free days to relax with your family. Meanwhile, the best executive resume writers can present your leadership skills, years of experience, and the ability to solve problems of any level. As stated above, it is impossible to achieve success alone!

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