How to use konjac sponges?

With ageing, there are many things start to slow down, and the natural exfoliation of the skin is one of them. If you didn’t know it before, it is a proven fact that our skin can not clean out all the dirt and dust it keeps in contact with once we start to go past 30. When we are younger, our skin does most of the exfoliation. 

But when various signs of ageing begin to appear, out skin sure will appreciate bit outside help. Using a natural and organic scrubber like the konjac sponge can be one of them. It is one of those hidden gems of Asian skincare that is sending waves across the beauty care industry.

It is very widely over there due to its fantastic ability to get rid of dead skin cells and clogged pores for good. So how to use  konjac sponge? Here is our detailed guideline for you!

Why should you use a konjac sponge?

Konjac sponge is excellent for the skin as it increases the blood circulation of the skin once you use it. This increased circulation of blood can as well be a blessing for the skin as it will help you retain the plumpness of your skin. Also, konjac sponges have some other abilities like the declogging of the pores. It makes your skin get rid of acne and other skin related problems you might often face.

Konjac sponge is also rich in various necessary nutrients for the skin like vitamin A and B. But most importantly, it is a hundred percent organic product. So if you are a vegan or want to use organic skincare product, konjac sponges are a must-try. Because unlike other artificial scrubbers you used, it is biodegradable. So there is no chance of konjac sponge polluting the earth once you throw it away.

How many times should you use it in a day?

Well, to get the best out of the konjac sponge, you can use it two times a day. Using the konjac sponges twice is recommended by many experts and users. Many users have reported to use it first thing in the morning before going out. 

But it is recommended that you only give your skin a light exfoliation in the morning and keep the deeper cleansing instead for the evening. Because when you get back from the outside after so much dirt and dust exposure, using a deep scrubbing of konjac sponge can be the best way to get rid of them.

Can you use it with facewash?

Yes, you can use the konjac sponge with the facewash you regularly use even though it works quite well with the water alone. When giving yourself a deep cleaning after all the work and stress outside, apply your face wash on the skin while the konjac is getting ready in warm water. Once the konjac is entirely soaked and soft, apply it on your skin. But if you want just a simple cleaning after waking up, water and the sponge is enough.

How to use konjac sponge for the most effective result?

There is a specific procedure been maintained by the beauty experts and skincare enthusiast when using a konjac sponge. For the best result, use the konjac sponge in a circular motion around your nose and eyes. Circular motion is the best way to use konjac sponge. It will ensure maximum removal of dead skin cells and help you to get rid of clogged pores.

How often should you replace the konjac sponge?

It is great that konjac sponge is organic, but the downside here is that you cant keep using it for that much longer. So to keep the sponges safe to use, you may need to replace them once every two months.

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