Everything you need to know about Gold Buying & Melbourne Gold Company

Gold has been considered as the most stable investment from ancient times.

If you want to sell your gold, Melbourne Gold Company is the most popular gold buyers and refiners in Australia. They purchase all types of gold from broken necklaces, unwanted bangles and gold bullion bars, regardless of condition. Melbourne Gold Company will purchase no matter how big or small in quantity. For selling your gold you can visit any Melbourne Gold Company’s gold buying suite in Melbourne CBD,

Melbourne gold company pays the price of every Gram you see from their website and pay in cash. The process of selling is quite easy and quick,

Melbourne Gold Company staff asses the value of gold on the spot and will purchase the gold based on live market rates. This process takes less than 20 minutes. The company will beat other quotes from other gold buying companies in Australia, though it will rarely happen that any other company would offer you a higher price.

Melbourne Company has been working as a gold buyer for many years. They have an outstanding reputation as an established gold and bullion buyers around Australia. It is the top Gold buyers Melbourne. You can read more details on leading gold buyers Melbourne such as the Melbourne Gold Company.

  • Melbourne Gold Company’s Payment method:

Unlike other Gold Buyers Melbourne, Melbourne Gold Company buys all gold and pay’s with real cash. They do not pay you in cheques, because cheques takes 3 days to clear. As getting your money is priority this will not happen.

 Melbourne Gold Company assures you a stress-free process with highest possible buying rates. Not only do they promise high rates, also accuracy, and privacy to the customers.

  • Modern Equipment Melbourne Gold Company use to test:

Melbourne uses XRF ( X-ray Fluorescence) equipment to test gold. This helps to test items with full accuracy without damaging it.

  • Melbourne Gold Company Gold Loans:

Melbourne Gold Company offers the lowest interest rate gold loans against your gold jewellery. If you need a loan and don’t want to sell your jewellery items, the Melbourne Gold Company can offer you a loan against the jewellery instead. This can also be useful for investors who need cash and don’t want to sell down their gold stocks

  • Recycling Gold:

Melbourne is doing a lot in saving the environment. Gold mining has severe effects on the environment. To clear the mining sites, many trees need to cut down, which may have a negative effect on the environment.  In the process of gold mining mercury can contaminate the soil. You can also help the environment from damage by selling your unwanted and extra gold. Most gold buyers recycle the gold and the need for mining new gold eventually becomes less.

  • Buy and Sell Gold Bullion:

Melbourne Gold Company offers you the highest rates if you want to sell gold and Silver Bullion. Melbourne Gold Company also work with leading refineries such as ABC Bullion and can offer the lowest premiums if you are looking to invest in Gold or Silver Bullion.   

  • Buy and Sell Gold Coins:

Melbourne Gold Company offers the highest rates if you want to sell gold or silver coins. The Melbourne team are familiar with gold coins around the world.

  • Sell Gold Nuggets:

If you have a large of quantity of gold nuggets or just found your first gold nuggets panning in a river, Melbourne Gold Company will buys it at the highest price possible. They can melt and value every any type of gold nuggets, even gold dust.

So, if you are in Melbourne and looking for the highest rates against your Gold, visit Melbourne Gold company.

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