Why The Gravity Feed Spray Gun Is Preferred In Today’s Woodworking

The woodworking industry, one of the oldest industries in the world, diversified over time has since continued to thrive, setting itself apart as a truly indispensable resource to mankind, second only to the food and consumables industry. As world population grew, the demand for woodworks soared, confirming the importance of wood to man’s existence. Wood and woodworking survived even the harshest economic weather. Traditional woodworking industry have continued to witness the introduction of modern, innovative and creative, often times quintessentially elegant products. Wood finish technologies likewise picked up technical edge over time. It has since seen the landing of refined tools and accessories. Tools like the very efficient high volume – low pressure gravity feed paint spray guns have come to improve the work of conventional feed spray guns, and add further gains to the wood finishing art. It you are looking for best gravity feed spray gun, you should make yourself aware of all their features.

Paint spray guns, whether traditional or refined, are preferred instead of paint brushes for many reasons wrapped into one. They achieve a clean paint job with uniform, smooth finish the most efficient way, in what is called “Perfect Finish.” Clean paint works means beautiful paint works. Beautiful paint works in turn means lots of money.

There are four unique varieties of spray guns, differentiated basically by their feeder technologies, and employed with relation to the size of the intended paint work. Small paint works are usually carried out using the gravity fed and the suction fed varieties. While heavier paint works are executed using the pressure fed and the air assist/ airless varieties.

Unique in its own way, each variety offer advantages which pull preferences here and there. However, spray time is a delicate time expected to run seamlessly in other to achieve that “Perfect finish.” It is for this reason that certain varieties come most preferred for certain paint works.

Conventional spray techniques have enjoyed innovative brands of the suction feed spray gun variety. They have done the job based on their manufacturing specifics, and done it fairly well for a spray tool requiring so much vacuum pressure to pull paint up from the paint cup into the feed tube of the gun above it. This is also the main limitation of the conventional feed spray gun, and it remained so until refined techniques launched and the gravity feed spray gun was introduced in the 1980s.

The gravity feed spray gun is unique at first sight. It has its paint feeder cup on top of the spray gun rather than underneath it. This unique mechanics accounts for why the gravity feed spray gun is easy to move along during use. Most designs come very light, and where a little heavy they still provide one of the best spray navigation for any hand-held paint spray gun available in the market. These and many more advantages set the gravity feed spray gun apart from other varieties.

The gravity feed spray gun ranks a topmost choice for small and medium volume paint works. Its unique designs built to work with gravity’s downward pull, also accounts for why it has the least overspray result during use.

This unique automotive spray tool also comes in variants, useful for varying spray purposes. There are high volume low pressure gravity feed spray guns, as well as low volume low pressure, even low volume medium pressure variants. There is also the trio aluminum forged body gravity feed paint spray gun model. Together they take over the spray gun market, making it very difficult for any other spray gun variety to suppass their relevance to detailed and quality wood finishes.

No matter which gravity feed spray gun is preferred, each variant is reliable, and can withstand the gruff business of spray painting, giving a fantastic coat result in the end. They also cause less overspray result and can be cleaned up easily after use. Despite so, and since money doesn’t grow on trees, more detailed and careful considerations is required in order to narrow down on the ideal gravity feed spray tool for the intended paint work before embarking on a purchase.

The gravity feed spray gun variants take their distinct names after their unique abilities. For instance, the high volume low pressure gravity feed spray gun- HVLP labelled, is so called because it produces a high volume output, and requires low pressure to do so. Similarly the LVLP spray gun requires low pressure to deliver but a low volume of paint with each squeeze of the gun’s trigger. The LVMP spray gun would utilize medium pressure to do the same work as the LVLP spray gun. This is one of their most useful advantage over the very high pressure demanding conventional feed spray guns. Basic differences between gravity feed spray guns still reinforces their competitive edge over others.

The most sought after in the gravity feed spray gun family is definitely the HVLP gravity feed spray gun. The reason isn’t far fetched at all. The HVLP spray gun’s ability to use very minimal pressure to produce high volumes of paint is remarkable. It is also the most versatile of the gravity feed spray gun range. Though they are expensive, their designs are very durable.

The LVLP spray gun offers a little more. It is designed to work at remarkably low pressure, making it a lot easy to handle. This gravity spray gun is most recommended for small volume paint works. Though cheaper than most, it will still achieve a proffesional finish for the painter and as such is also widely sought after. Where one is undecided about the HVLP and LVLP designs, then the LVMP spray gun is the choice.

Know that as the world moves further into automation, many more variety of paint spray guns will make their way into our list. Whatever your choice, you’ll make sure to go for the spray gun that gets the job done, that will accord you the easiest of handling and maintenance, one that isn’t messy but versatile and efficient, offering you unique functionality, one that is durable, one that will achieve the professional finish your paint work so deserves. Make it a habit to go for the best tool no matter what. Make sure to go for the best gravity feed spray gun variant suitable for any of your paint works.

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