What Is the Best Mac OS Version of All Time?

Looking to settle on a specific Mac OS?

Apple’s Macintosh computers have always been the underdog. People often talk about how superior PCs are in every aspect. This makes people have more confidence in PCs, leading to fewer people using Macs.

With the release of the new MacBook Pro, though, people are having faith in Macintosh computers. More people are using them, but they’re not as familiar with Macs as they are with PCs. They often question how to care for a MacBook and what the best Mac OS version is.

While they can learn the former along the way, there are no clues to point out which OS version is the best. To help you figure out which is the best, read what we’ve prepared below. Learn their features and choose the best version for you!

1. Mac OS X Lion

This was Apple’s attempt to get people interested in their products in 2010. They promised an intuitive operating system that people will use in any situation. Apple delivered its promise with the features that Lion brought.

This is the best operating system if you look to use your MacBook for multitasking while working. Its handy autosave feature helps you keep your progress during sudden power interruptions. All the user needs to do is log back into Lion’s system to retrieve their progress.

Multitasking is also easier because of its Mission Control feature. This is a panel where you can control and manage all your workspaces. You’ll find management easy because of Lion’s intuitive touch screen gestures.

2. Mac OS X Mountain Lion

A direct upgrade to the Lion operating system, the Mountain Lion changed its attitude along the way. Instead of being a work-focused operating system, Mountain Lion was the exact opposite of its predecessor and became an OS focused on leisure.

This becomes clear when you notice it’s among the only OS that integrates the Game Center well. Paired with the Gatekeeper feature, it ensured that the apps installed were virus-free.

It also has social media integrated into the interface. This makes it easier for users to update and interact with their favorite social media platforms.

Mountain Lion also has a featured called Power Nap. This allows users to update apps while the device is sleeping.

3. Mac OS X Mavericks

Mavericks is a great operating system for running different programs. This is because of the App Nap feature it has. This feature puts unused apps on a short nap when you switch to another app.

The feature prevents other apps from taking up processing power. Doing this helps the device prevent freezing because of having apps open.

You can also run different apps at a time with the Mavericks operating system. This is because of the multiple display support it has. You can sort through your apps with ease using this feature.

4. Mac OS X El Capitan

If you’re planning to take notes and pin stuff to your desktop, then the El Capitan operating system is for you. Running the operating system makes your first visit on your device a pleasant one. This is because the desktop will greet you with a cleaner desktop.

You will feel like the desktop is also more intuitive because of the Mission Control updates the operating system installs.

You can also run a split-screen setup on your desktop with the operating system. This makes it easier to do your tasks if you have lots of stuff to do with mac keyboards. You can also pin items to Pinterest straight from your desktop.

This allows for faster interactions between your tasks. This causes you to finish your tasks faster.

5. Mac OS X Sierra

Most people are on the fast lane nowadays. This is because everyone is always on the go, and they have no time to spare. This makes the Sierra the perfect operating system for these people.

It does this through simple features like the auto-unlock and the Apple Pay feature. They make the living on the fast lane go faster. You also have a feature that helps you organize your photos for you.

It will make sifting through photos you’ve taken an easier task. You can even filter by face to separate the photos you want to share faster. You also have optimized storage so you can fit all the media you want in your device.

You can also store your media in the iCloud drive. This helps you manage your media through the Internet.

6. Mac OS X High Sierra

High Sierra offers you a great, rounded operating system. This improves on everything in the Sierra operating system and adds new features.

It provides you with an improved photo selection system. It’s quicker than the one that Sierra had and it also allows you to make better edits on them. The intuitive photo editing system makes the process easier and faster, as you can do it from the get-go.

The system also supports VR ports. This is a great way to introduce virtual reality to your routine. It’s also the first operating system that allows you to revert to old Mac OS versions.

7. Mac OS X Mojave

Most people are hyper-focused on their work routine today. It’s hard to continue working when something interrupts your workflow, though. The smallest things can disrupt the flow, too.

This makes the Mojave the best Mac OS version and an important addition to your work routine. This operating system helps people stay focused with the help of the features it offers. One such feature is the quick actions tab.

This tab adds essential actions to an easy-to-access tab. This helps you perform your tasks faster after you get used to it.

Grinding out tasks also makes it so you have a messy desktop. Another feature called the Desktop Stacks makes file organization easy.

You can also enable the dark mode feature if you plan on grinding tasks into the night.

Choose the Best Mac OS Version Today

New Mac users shouldn’t worry about choosing the wrong operating system. With the help of our guide, you’ll know what the best Mac OS version for you today! Read up and install the right OS for your needs!

Getting the right Mac OS is only the start. If you need more tech guides, we’ve got you covered. Take a moment to read through our other tech guides here for more tips and tricks!

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