The damage that blocked guttering can cause to your home

Blocked guttering is one of those ‘out of sight out of mind’ type of things. That is until water begins to pour down the wall of your house or damp patches appear on the ceiling. From nothing it can become a huge problem, warns

Household insurance

Most household insurance policies contain standard terms and conditions requiring the household to keep the property in good repair.  If you don’t do this then your insurance company may try and avoid payment if you make a claim for damage to the fabric of your home for which you are partly responsible.  They are perfectly within their rights to do this.  Your claim could be reduced in terms of payout or possibly even rejected completely.  So if you have a small forest sprouting in your guttering or are offering a home to several different species of animals and birds then it just could be time to do something about it.

Seasonal clearance

Traditionally, cleaning gutters has always been done in spring and autumn but global warming has rather mucked about with the conventional seasons so you may need to do it more frequently.  Leaf drop can be early or late now dependent on temperatures and summer storms often result in flash flooding right at the time of year when the birds are nesting so year-round vigilance is crucial.

Sure signs your gutters are blocked

You may not be able to see clearly but there are some telltale signs that your gutters are not doing the job they were installed for (as recommended by

  • When it rains heavily you notice water spilling over the side of the gutters

  • You see birds or other animals paying particular attention to a certain section of the gutter; during prolonged dry periods, birds will nest in sheltered guttering near the cover of trees

  • The gutter sags in places

  • There are watermarks or stains on the external walls particularly after heavy rain or worse still, internal damp patches appearing

  • Plants are visible growing in your gutters

Common gutter blockages

Leaves are an obvious candidate particularly if you have mature trees surrounding your house.  Leaves are not just an autumnal problem; in ferocious summer storms such as the type we are now experiencing in the UK and attributed to global warming, leaves and small sticks can be forced from trees with the strength of the wind and rain.  Moss is another favourite candidate and unfortunately, so are birds nests and dead birds and rodents which can get caught out in summer deluges.

Clogged gutters can also cause rot to fascia boards making it far more likely that water will creep into the property causing soft plaster damage and watermarks to the walls and ceilings in the upper rooms of your home.  The worst thing about this type of insidious damp is that it is not immediately obvious and by the time you do see it, you could be faced with a costly repair and redecoration bill.

Always check the gutter joints for leaks too.  Screws and brackets will rust and corrode over time and the guttering will then start to sag impeding its ability to safely transfer rainwater away from your home.

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