The 7 best ways to do link building in 2020

To get the top ranking on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for your website, link building technique is most effective. It is the best way to increase traffic on your website. In fact, you cannot rank your website if you do not use linking because these links behave like currency on the internet. It tells Google how valuable and prioritized your website is. If you got more links from the domain authority website, you will be able to increase the ranking of your site. You can get the help of Ranking Masters for this. In order to use link building techniques, you must know the link building terms first.

It is basically a practice to create hyperlinks to improve visibility on the search engine. Link building strategies include building useful tools, email outreach, public relations, and content marketing.

The best ways to do link building in 2020

  • LIS method:

It is said that “Length implies strength”. Many people do not know about the LIS method. This is because nowadays people focus on getting links more than their content. The content should be long enough for a good ranking on the Search engine. It is obvious that nobody wants to link a page with the least word count, for example, word count below five hundred.

The 7 best ways to do link building in 2020

If you are focusing on keywords, content length of your website also be focused to get better backlinks.

2- Prospecting:

The first thing you should know the keywords related to your topic you are going to talk about and your niche. These keywords, tags, help to find the website of Google.

  • Including industry influencers:

This is a certified method to place a website on the highest rank on the search engine result page(SERP). Most people mention industry influencers on their websites. This works on a strategy, as if you praise someone in your content, they will obviously share it with their audience because they like to be praised. In this way, you will be able to get more backlinks having a new audience and more traffic. You need to be original and more authenticated if following this approach. You should know the standard of the influencer industry first.

4- Use of InfoGraphics:

Nowadays no one would like to waste his /her precious time reading 2000 words if these can be sum up in a lesser number of words. All you need is to do is to use infographics and present your content, even important information, in a precise way.

Infographics is a technique that attracts the reader’s attention by visually stimulating the instructions. Infographics are shared three times more than other graphics. This is the treason you should need to add more colorful infographics into your website. It is a great source of getting backlinks.

  • As a prankster :

If you have a good sense of humor, believe me, it is the right time to use. And if, in case, you don’t have a good sense of humor you need to cultivate it in 2020. Because you can get more backlinks by adding some humor touch into your website. This is just because people, today, need entertainment and they love to share this content to have some fun.

  • Link Reclamation:

The technique is useful for large brands having multiple products and brands.

You can search for your-brand-site: Where the first keyword is the name of your brand or any particular product. This will pull you on a rank on Google search

  • Use old contacts and network:

If you have been part of any company or any business. Or if you ever participated in any event as a spoke person. This will help you to get fine back-links. But the links should be relevant to your content.

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