It is music that brings me into new realms of awareness. This powerful creative medium is like no other that I know. It can dictate my mood for a few moments or minutes and then bend that mood into something completely different only moments later; and this is an intellectual and emotional dance that Melbourne, Australia’s own Peter Nigido understands so well. Peter’s latest release ‘The Art of Turning a Page’ EP is a beautiful dance between the light and darkness, the warm analog and the cold digital; it is a new realm of sound.

Naturally, when you hear a new artist you find yourself drawing comparisons to other musicians that you know about, and when it comes to Peter Nigido’s sound, exciting comparisons must be made. There is a NIN inspired early industrial vibe to be found here, a Leprous attention to some very operatic vocal lines, dreamlike cinematic brooding moments like A Perfect Circle and gothic moments once found in the late Peter Steele.

In a word, this new six track EP is diverse.

I found myself stopping the single ‘A New Leaf’ halfway through just to experience the journey to the middle a few more times, and this is what makes Peter Nigido’s style so intoxicating; it just travels impressively well from the mind to the heart. I won’t sugar-coat it; Peter’s style is going to be a difficult pill for some listeners to swallow, as it opens a dark door to the mind that begs to ask questions some will want to remain hidden. For me, this is an invitation too hard to refuse.

Before I make the mistake of misleading the potential listener into passing this album due to its emotionally weighty existence, it is important that you also understand that there is light and hope woven into this album as well; and in many ways, it is as fragile and complex as something to be expected from Radiohead. I think there is something here for most listeners, but you will need to be willing to focus your attention for the six track EP and let Peter Nigido take you on the journey.

My only real complaint about the EP is that it wasn’t a full album, honestly, this is a brilliant dose of fresh sounding music and I look forward to hearing what Peter Nigido comes up with next.


Peter Nigido can be found on Spotify, YouTube and his official website.

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