Everything you need to know about Rollova

Rollova is a modern measuring instrument that is pocket-friendly. Lines, Curves and other surfaces can be measured accurately with the help of Rollova. It is the era of technology, anew technological advancement is happing after every minute, in the world. Technology revolutionized every field of human life. Every aspect of human life is transforming. Rollova is a measuring tool that transforms the way of measuring things. It is a tape free measuring tool, replaced taped with OLED display. Taking Measurements was not easy before as now with the help of Rollova ruler. It can measure as you roll it around the objects. It is the best choice for taking an accurate measurement. It contains high quality, digital OLED as its display, to show measurements. its design also uses polycarbonate plastic. The tires, made of silicon rubber, and these help you to move around the surface. It can handle side-to-side and up-and-down of a surface and even both. You can select your preferred unit on a single click. In order to take the measurement, you need to hold down the button down that will work perfectly fine.

Benefits of Rellova:

  • It is easy to take measurements with the help of Rollova.

  • No need to have a traditional ruler with you if you have Rollova in your pocket.

  • digital OLED display measurements as high-quality output

  • Rollova can measure flat surface and even curve surface.

  • A stylish and attractive gadget

  • Rollova takes accurate measurements having a minimalistic design.

  • It is in Compact size.

  • It can easily measure the curve and uneven surfaces.

  • It gives measurements in your preferred unit.

  • It Consumes less power

  • Longer battery time

Rollova comes with a leather bag of its size. This leather bag comes with three different colors including chestnut, charcoal and dark brown-grizzly. This leather bag can fit entirely into your pocket easily. It can also have a customized logo of your choice.

Features of Rollova:

  • Rollova has 1.3 inches OLED screen with a blue color.

  • It is accurate up to minus or plus 0.4 %

  • Its measuring units are: inches in fraction, inches in decimal, centimeters in decimals.

  • It is made of stainless steel, polycarbonate, and silicon rubber

  • Its range is 10 m with metric mode and 83 feet in inches mode

  • Its battery power is 240 mah

  • Rollova has 7075 Aluminum alloy body

  • It has ALPS sensors to senor length of objects.

  • It has an STM32 chip.

  • Its diameter is 2 and is 0.5 thick.

  • Its standby time is 18000 hours, those approximately equal to 2 years.

A wide variety of audiences maybe got benefited from Rollova including designers and other professionals. It is also an invention for women to roll across the tummy, which is pretty frank.

The first batch of Rollova was shipped in august 2018, having a huge audience. Its updated design may include more reforms in design, material, and accuracy.

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